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    I've been meaning to advertise my club for weeks and not got around to it. Anyone from the broad Chorley area and beyond will find themselves very welcome at CCC. We are a relatively young club, reformed in 2011, the last previous activity was in the early 60s, with a history which can be traced back to the 1880s. We have 170 members. The emphasis is very much on cycling rather than any single aspect with members taking part in a wide range of interests from our Intro Rides through to Time Trials and Hill Climbs.


    The main regular club events are:

    Intro Ride on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month which are an introduction to club cycling over about 30 miles including a cafe stop. Average speed expected to be 13mph.

    Club Ride on Sunday on the 2nd and 4th Sundays but increasingly as demand increases we are out every Sunday on an organised ride. Distance is 50-70 miles at 14-16mph and longer in summer.

    Sporting Ride again on Sunday with distance of 50-80 miles at 16-19mph

    Progression Ride held on an ad hoc basis, i.e. when time and a leader is available, often monthly, to help Intro Riders progress to Club Rides etc.

    Every Tuesday and Thursday we hold summer and winter training rides and loops typically around 30 miles and developed to help members of all abilities improve their speed, stamina and climbing. In winter Thursday night is spinning night at a local leisure centre.

    Along with the official club rides members organise themselves for other rides, CX riding, mountain biking etc.

    We meet at Euxton Mills on the A49 at 9.00am for rides but do check the website calendar for possible alterations. Guests are allowed five rides before being required to join.
    The number one rule is no one gets left behind!
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  2. I will see if I can get on some of your rides soon. Just getting back into it after 6 months off after an accident. Its hard work at the moment!
  3. doughnut

    doughnut Senior Member

    Been meaning to join CCC on an Intro ride to see how I manage riding with others (and I got mudguards for Christmas :angel: ). I will try for 3rd Saturday in Jan.
  4. doughnut

    doughnut Senior Member

    Enjoyed the intro ride at CCC last weekend. Very friendly bunch made me feel welcome. Thanks. I will join the club and see you again soon.
  5. OP

    PaulSB Guru

    I wasn't on that one but glad to hear you were made welcome and enjoyed the ride.
  6. OP

    PaulSB Guru

    I’ve been meaning to bump this for unashamed advertising for weeks!!

    We are a very active club, 200+ members with approximately 20% female membership, lots going on throughout the week. All very welcome to join us.

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    It is too far away for me, but I am still curious about the average speeds that you mentioned. Well, actually, more about what terrain they are being achieved over? The Sunday sporting rides would be pretty demanding if the average speed of 19 mph were to be achieved over 80 hilly miles!

    I assume that the speeds are calculated on the time spent riding and do not include any stops?
  8. ColinJ

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    Ah, I just followed the link to the club website which gives an explanation of the speeds. If I lived over your way then I would give the Club ride a go. I think the Inters might be okay if I got back to a decent level of fitness, but the Sporting rides would probably be too quick for me!
  9. OP

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    You may not recall Colin but we met many years ago, probably 12, on the Pendle Pedal or whatever it was called then. From what I recall you’d be fine on a Club Ride.

    You’ve probably noted the rides have changed since my original post. All averages are moving time and do vary by terrain. The basics are:

    Intro Ride 1st and 3rd Saturdays at an average of 13mph over 27-30 miles.

    Progression Ride 4th Saturday at 13-14mph over 50 flatish miles

    Club Ride every Sunday at 14-16mph average, dependent on terrain and distance, over 50-80 miles according to time of year.

    Inters Ride every Sunday at an average of 14-15mph over 60-80 miles with around 4-5000 feet of climbing (I ride this)

    Sporting Ride every Sunday at 18mph plus over 60-80 miles.

    Tuesday and Thursday evening training rides around 30 miles run in four different groups at varying averages by group. Run March to October

    Spinning every Wednesday November to March

    Hilly Wednesday every week at around 15mph plus. Not always Hilly and frequently run at what we laughingly call pensioners pace. That’s caught a few out

    Friday Fry Up every week at 17mph plus over 50-55 flat miles

    Myself I ride the Inters, Hilly Wednesday and Friday Fry Up
  10. ColinJ

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    Yikes, that is scary ... not only would I not have recalled that BEFORE you mentioned it, I haven't yet managed to retrieve it from my ailing memory banks even AFTER you have reminded me! :laugh:

    My mind is a bit of a black hole these days - information gets sucked into it very easily, but getting it back out again is a BIG problem. :okay:
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