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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by pjd57, 17 Aug 2017.

  1. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    How common is it for companies to pay mileage allowance for cycling.
    Probably not to and from work , but for work related journeys ?

    I only do an occasional shift for a care provider, and go round to visit people at home.
    The expenses sheet says 40p per mile for car use, 25p for motorbikes and 20 for cycling.

    I love getting the occasional few quid for my efforts.
    Of course they're also paying wages while I pedal along.
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  2. lazybloke

    lazybloke Über Member

    Surrey Hills
    My company pays cycling miles.

    You're correct that commuting miles (to your normal place of work) are not claimable, but travel to other locations definitely is.
    If I remember correctly there are some gotchas- temporary sites eventually become unclaimable if you visit them often. You can be deemed to have two places of work too, so watch out for that one. Worth a good look at the Inland Revenue rules, and KEEP RECORDS of your journeys.

    Note, you can claim from the Inland Revenue if our company doesn't pay travel expenses.
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  3. Jason

    Jason Senior Member

    Carnaby Street
    My employer also pays cycling mileage via the TMC website,that I complete monthly. IT'S pretty cool that more and more employers are supporting this as a travel choice
  4. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Did for a short while, a few years ago. Never really amounted to much. Made easier, for me as I'd to sign out of one place & sign in at the other.

    If I finished at the second place, then had to cycle home from there(further away than normal place of work), that would be listed. Not certain how much, if any of it, was counted though.
  5. DaveReading

    DaveReading Veteran

    I do a voluntary job a few times a month and I can claim 20p/mile on the bike (or 46p/mile + parking if I drive, which I never do).
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  6. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    I do know one co-op which paid the motoring rate for cycling because they don't agree with paying more for motoring. They said they'd write it off as good publicity if HMRC challenges them for it :laugh:
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  7. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    I used to get 25p a mile when I was based away from the main campus.
  8. Phaeton

    Phaeton Guru

    Oop North (ish)
    I used to claim 46p a mile or something very close to that in the late 80's has the official HMRC rate not gone up since then? For several months I earned more in fuel allowance than I did in wages
  9. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    It has been 45p since 2012 and 40p before. If you are claiming more then in theory you should be paying tax on it.
  10. sleuthey

    sleuthey Über Member

    I work for a Government Agency and am only entitled to 10p per mile pedal cycle allowance for anything in addition to my normal daily commute. I get 30p per mile for motoring allowance and because the HMRC rate is 45p I claim tax releif on the 15p difference which alone totals a 3 figure sum every year. Never investigated whether you can do the same with pedal cycles, would not surprise me if you could.
  11. OP

    pjd57 Über Member

    Is it the difference or tax relief on the difference ?
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  12. Phaeton

    Phaeton Guru

    Oop North (ish)
    Clearly remember it wrong then, it was 30ish years ago, I left in 1992 & had been desk jockey for the last couple of years.
  13. sleuthey

    sleuthey Über Member

    Its tax relief on the difference between the HMRC national rate and your employers rate. You claim the relief from HMRC and the employers allowance from your employer. See below:


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  14. RichK

    RichK Veteran

    We get 20p a mile unless you have a bike on the cycle to work scheme (in which case it's nothing!)
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  15. Phaeton

    Phaeton Guru

    Oop North (ish)
    Is that even legal, assuming that the employee is paying for the bike & it's not been covered by the firm.
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