clatter in front forks


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I have a marin sausalito hybrid, been riding it on mixed terrain for 2 years, it sings, lovely bike. Till I took it to our local bike shop man and asked if he could help me out with the seating position which has never really been comfortable. Now a riser and a new headset, endless new brake cables and 2 new slicks for some road events coming up, I now have a clatter in the front end that was never there before and it's driving me crazy. Bike shop man deoesn't seem to care and won't help me to get to the root of it. I hear it clearly but just can't figure out where it's coming from and it's ruining my enjoyment. Any advice?


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Noises can be tricky to track down. First off, is the headset loose/ badly adjusted- If you apply the front brake and push back and forward on the bars is there much "play" in the forks?

Probably won't be if it is a new headset and has been properly adjusted by the LBS.

Brake levers? sometimes they develop a bit of play and rattle a bit- does it go away if you hold them? bottle cage bolts loose?- might not be an "obvious" cause, quick releases?


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Hi, thanks for the reply. I took headset off and back on today, also have already done as you suggested. If I put my head right next to the bike and drop the front end, I can hear it clearly but still not sure wherefrom! But it's not the brake levers. Something has happened in the adjustments to having new riser and headset, and replacement tyres. I might just undo the process and see at which stage the rattle goes away - which hopefully it would.


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Any cables banging on the frame etc. since having a new stem fitted? Wheel Qr?

If the headset is okay keep holding different parts and bouncing the bike up and down. It may even be coming from a different part of the bike than you think!


+1 for cables as the first place to check. Get a cable tie and lock them together where they cross in front of the head tube to see if that makes a difference.
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