Cleaning time

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So not had my bike a great deal of time, and i feel its time i learnt the ins and outs of cleaning

Please could someone advise me of what aspects of cleaning i need to do?

How to go about doing them?

And also possibly recommend products....

It is a hybrid bike....



For function, very little. The chain every few weeks, the rest of the drive train less than that and the structure not at all.

For appearance, as much or as little as you want. I usually give mine a good going over when I unpack it at the beginning of a holiday and that's it, but some people get real pleasure from riding a sparkly bike all the time.

Generic Babywipes are what you need.


Chain twice a week with cheap unscented baby wipes & fresh lube. I do 120+ commuting miles a week and like it running smooth.

Frame & wheels, once a month on average - more if wet weather.
The most important thing about cleaning, is that you can discover small cracks in cranks, rims and frames, which if not found until they drop you on the road can make you very sore.
Have fun!


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Not to hijack your thread but are there any sprays that you can get for your chain 'other than lube' and which is best...

Lube or a spray-lube?

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