Clear blue lens ???


Does any one know what conditions theyre used for...

Just to clarify: its clear lens with a blue look to it....

I cant 'see' lol what condtions it'd be useful for...

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Incandescent light. Takes away the yellow-orange color cast of electric light. Should be 80a, b, or c. Sometimes, an even lighter blue lens is used to "cool" a "warm" or orangey, scene. And you gotta cool your scene, man.


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Blue lenses in glasses?

I have blue lenses in glasses because I have Mears Irlan Syndrome. I have Synesthesia too but I don't need blue specs for that one :becool:

My reading specs are a more intense hue, my seeing specs have just a wash of blue as it helps me with road signs etc when I'm driving. Also, it's helpful with streetlight glare, which I find very strange. I'm not a big night driver because of this.


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You're all wrong; they are worn in the cinema to cancel out the yellow filter that is used on feel-good films to create a warm nostalgic glow. The most obvious I've ever seen was Babe.


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Not sure about a clear blue lens but a clear blue iris is essential for staring down your opponent under the blazing Mexican / Spanish sun before pulling out your Colt 45 and filling him full of lead.
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