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I am doing a solo coast to coast bike ride in September. Skegness to Wallasey. I am doing this for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity were my girlfriend is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. I will be doing this over 4 days. I have done a rough mapping of it on google maps. Before I plan the route on my garmin touring I would like to ask if anybody has local knowledge of the route I have plotted.
Any advice would be appreciated

Full route,+Lincolnshire,+UK/Newark-on-Trent/52.8977056,-1.4758797/52.9628115,-2.194949/53.1965474,-2.8807654/53.2240703,-3.0179809/53.3561912,-3.0566127/53.4254381,-3.0763457/53.4357285,-3.0714438/The+Ferry,+Egremont/@53.2996104,-3.048711,13z/data=!4m27!4m26!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d7c6c4261be20b:0xf69cbe617b81ca78!2m2!1d0.337881!2d53.146403!1m5!1m1!1s0x487834455e4590d7:0x2fa6a5583441f3c3!2m2!1d-0.81!2d53.0765!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x0:0x9291a80fe1e91d96!2m2!1d-3.0246198!2d53.4188633!3e1?hl=en

if anybody is interested in sponsoring me here is my just giving page

I have now slightly changed this, doing over 5 days now
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Is it because I lied when I was 17?
Costa Clyde.
I know nothing about the route but more importantly - best wishes to your girlfriend with her treatment.

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Good luck to you both.
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