Coast to Coast


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That piqued my curiosity... a quick google gave this

Im tempted myself now ;)
You can cycle from coast to coast any way you like!

But if you're thinking of following the Sustrans C2C... yes, you can, though you'll obviously need to choose the on-road options rather than the off-road options when there's a choice. You'll also want to follow the road at the Whinlatter Pass rather than the forest tracks (assuming you're starting from Whitehaven) - the gravelly descent there isn't really suitable for a road bike. Unless you're Martyn Ashton.

young Ed

yes, lots of people do it on road and on a road bike.
only about 150 miles each way. 3 easy days, 2 pretty alright days, 1 good long day if you are pretty fit and good stamina etc
Cheers Ed
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