cold weather face protection


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A Buff


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Skin ^_^ . OK, so when it's hailing it hurts, but otherwise I'm fine. And yes, I'll commute all through the winter and I live in the hills.

Buffs / other stuff steam my glasses up so I go without.


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A fluffy kitten works perfectly well, and it will lick a runny long as it's the right way up:whistle:
But what if said kitten wants to grip onto your face with its claws? ;)


Buff, possibly with a second under the helmet if you don't have a cap. But the Buff on the face is year-round for me, whether to keep out bugs, rain or cold draughts, or to soak in cold water before riding in significant heat.

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I bought a breathable balaclava from Aldi in the summer, they were on offer at £2.50. When i got home i realised that it was a motorbike one.:blush: I was going to take it back but i thought for the price why bother. I tried it the other day and it certainly keeps me warm, and it is breathable!
I'm clean shaven but i suppose a beard would keep your face warm.:santa:


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Chilly weather = buff. the free ones from the mags are all I ever have or use
Proper cold (well into sub zero) = A Gore windstopper balaclava. £3 from a cycle jumble and the best money I've ever spent on cycling gear.
I'm growing a beard at the mo to see how that shapes up as an alternative to either of the above as my glasses get steamed up when I'm properly covered up.

buffs are my regular head cover and neckwear too
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