Come on then.......


......we ve all got guys in the pro peleton, that we like and follow, and likely as not,we ll have something in common with them, whatever our own abilities. So who do ya think you re like :thumbsup:

Me... Carlos Sastre, why..... Cos all the whippersnappers pass me at the bottom of a climb,but, I get em at the top:biggrin:


Just call me Chris...
I can honestly say that I have absolutely nothing in common with any of the pro peloton.
Not unless they have fat blokes wheezing along at the back, miles behind, that you never see on the telly :blush:
Ullrich at the start of the '98 season when he was larded up after all his post TdF winning "engagements". Fat bloke who used to cycle well and could climb a bit. When I say cycle well I mean compared to how I cycle now and not how anyone else cycles :ohmy:
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