Commodore Vic 20


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near Hornsea
I'm in at that price, but do you need to splash out £40 on a commodore cassette player to load games :laugh: The original wasn't like the spectrum where you could use any old cassette player to hook up with 🤔


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I had a Vic20 as my first computer.
it was ahead-of it’s time with pug in cartridges that loaded immediately every time.
unlike the bloody cassette based games which were a PITA.
Omega Race was my favourite game. Just look at the high quality graphics.

I was given it second hand. My next computer was a brand new Commodore Amiga 500, the difference was amazing.
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Never played a computer game in my life! Home computing of the late 70s and early 80s passed us by in Shetland, and when I moved to England with my mum as a teenager I was already distracted by girls and rock and roll, so just missed the whole computer thing.

Quite a few years ago I wrote a programming language intended to make writing MS Windows programs easy for the beginner, it never caught on. :-(

Although MS offer VB for free nowadays, back then there was nothing and even now VB is quite daunting for a complete beginner.

If you want a pacman type game, chasing moving drinks with a ghost its interpretive so you can change it.


There was also an example that aimed to teach basic household budgeting


and of course ...



I had a Commodore C64 and I loved it. Had a football game called “The Double” which kept me entertained for hours. Loading games was always a bit of roulette, with the tape player getting to the end and you never knew whether it would load or just get a black screen and have to start it again!! The good old days.
I do have a bunch of old cassettes with BASIC programs I wrote during my CPC464 days, I wonder if any of them would be readable or if the data has degraded so much that nothing would be retrievable.

They were mainly text adventures, a boxing game, a truly spectacularly terrible attempt at demaking Sonic the Hedgehog, and a football manager game set in Serie A, where the player team, Napoli, would face off against such titans as Sampdoria, Ac Milan, Inter, Jeventus, Sampdoria, Sampdoria and Subscript out of range


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I still have my C64 up in the attic. I presume it still works although it probably hasn't experienced electricity running through it for well over 20 years. I think there is an Amiga 500+ up there too, similarly not been on for quite some time. I do remember workbench mind...


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Cut my teeth programming on a Vic 20 and c64 as a callow youth.

Paid the mortgages and kept the wolf from the door for the last 32 years so can't really complain....
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