Commute to work fail


I was right about that saddle
I ride my bike every day during lunch, but this morning the plan was to ride to work.
Having got dressed in my gear, I was beset by problems.

Problem 1 - Left Cycling Shoes at work
I put my regular clothes on.
I then thought, just wear some trainers!!!!
I put my cycle gear back on, 2nd time.
I went to my bike and decided to put some more air in the rear.
Problem 2 - The tyre is disintegrating and layers of rubber are flapping off. I have mudguards and I have failed to keep an eye on the rear tyre.
I put my regular clothes back on, 2nd time.
I drove to work :sad:

I have a spare road bike, but none of my lights are attached and I did not have time to swap them out.

I will replace the rear tyre and try again tomorrow.

young Ed

don't worry about it, i have faffed about back and forth like this plenty my self but in the end you get into a habit/pattern and it all runs smoothly...... most of the time
just remember to bring the cycling shoes home when you finish up tonight!
Cheers Ed
I find the best thing to do is get everything ready the night before (bike checks, gear I need to ride in all outs and pack my rucksack) as otherwise there is always something I have forgotten if I have to do things in the morning. At 5.30am all I can do is get up, make coffee, get dressed and go to work!


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I get everything ready the night before too but there's still a lot of faffing about in the morning now my bikes are in the shed.

When they were under the stairs I just wheeled a bike out and off I went. I might try leaving a bike in the kitchen ready for the morning.


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I once forgot to put a bra on and made a rapid dash to M&S at lunchtime. Luckily I am not what might be referred to as busty!
I won't 'like' the fact your not busty :blush: but yeah I haveoccasionally had to nip to the local Burtons!

When they were under the stairs I just wheeled a bike out and off I went. I might try leaving a bike in the kitchen ready for the morning.
This is what I do, gives me chance to check the bike over the night before as well.


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Been in that 'first time back after a while' panic where you suddenly realise there's a load of things not quite right and eventually it hits 'too much to bother with' and the normal clothes go on. Once you've ridden a couple of times you'll know what you need and get in to a routine. That's the bit for me, when the routine gets muddled I don things like forget my helmet (rode in a cap, I was fine). Forgot my jacket (rode in my hoody, added a hi-viz fire marshal waistcoat from work for the ride home) etc. Although with me it's slightly more complicated because I drive and ride so the point I realise I've forgotten something I'm already 20 miles from home.

By biggest failures are forgetting stuff as I go to shower. Most notably the towel, realising as the water is falling on me...

young Ed

The worst one is when you get to work and realised you've forgotten your boxers :shy:
change in toilet cubicles and go commando for the day, alright maybe not conventional but the only other alternative is working in sweaty cycling shorts all day!
Cheers Ed
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