Compression Tights.


Anybody train wearing them (on the bike). I wear mine for recovery for couple of hours after sesions. I know Noodley sleeps in his.Other sports seem to use them while training,just wondered what the benefits were.


God Almighty
increased circulation I believe


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During physical activity, injuries occur in the individual muscle fibres. You might not feel it, but it happens.

Compressing the muscles that have done the work supports the individual fibres and reduces swelling.

Swelling slows repair, so anything that reduces swelling also reduces recovery time.

Fiona N

I used to use compression tights - from a Japanese company who were years ahead of Skins and co. - for long fell runs in the days when I used to do such things :smile: I found that for runs over about 10-15 miles - depending on the terrain - they reduced the 'flogged muscles' feeling when you stopped running.

I'm not sure what the other fell runners thought as they (the tights) were pretty eye-opening as the 'compression' sections which wind around the thighs and down to the calfs are silver on black lycra :wahhey:
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