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About 2 months ago I bought a free view recorder from pc world. In that time it’s gone from perfect to having a hard drive that sounds like it’s on it’s way out, and having the picture freeze for half a second once every 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

“No problem" thinks me, just pop it back for a replacement or refund.

“Nope” says pc world. Either they or I can arrange for it to be sent back to be tested and repaired, but no replacement or refund.

Surely this can’t be right? My contract would be with pc world for a replacement or refund if it goes faulty.

Working the hours I do, I won’t get time to research this but I expect someone on here would have come up against it, and if you could point me to some legal babble I could print out and take I would be very greatful.



Under the consumer rights act (which replaced the old sale of goods act) my understanding is that after the first thirty days you have to give the retailer the opportunity to repair the goods if that's what they want to do. They can't take the piss though, and if it keeps failing then you are entitled to a refund or replacement.

It may well be that the manufacturer or their authorised repairer will exchange it anyway - but that's up to them.


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Many items are guaranteed for a year, but assuming this item isn’t then six months as @classic33 says.

Your contract is with PCWorld, not the manufacturer. PCWorld are within their rights to repair the item but at their cost unless they of course they can claim it is your fault the item broke.


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As @classic33 says PC World /Currys/ Carphone warehouse is not the best place to return faulty goods.
This is from their website;
Within 30 days of purchase or delivery, you may return a faulty product for an exchange or refund. You can return it to a store. Or you can arrange for a return by calling us on 0344 561 1234, or by emailing

However it's rarely as simple as that.


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I had the same with a laptop, kept shutting down on it's own. I had to send it back 3 times before it was resolved (they sent a courier to collect). My first mistake was to suggest (suggest) that it was overheating:

1st attempt: "We checked it and it's not over-heating so we've sent it back to you"
2nd attempt: "we've replaced the motherboard and sent it back to you"
3rd attempt: "It was a faulty battery, we've replaced it and sent it back to you"

After that it was fine. The only thing I'd recommend is to not suggest what you think is wrong with it, and to not be fobbed off with anything other than a perfectly working product.


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PCWorld are within their rights to repair the item but at their cost unless they of course they can claim it is your fault
It's not enough for the seller to claim, they'd have to prove it.

If you return the goods with a fault within six months then the onus is on the seller to prove that the fault wasn't there when you bought them. After that the onus switches to the customer who'll have to prove that they were faulty when bought.

Many items are guaranteed for a year, but assuming this item isn’t then six months
That's not right. Your consumer rights protect you for up to six years depending on what is a reasonable expectation of how long the particular goods should last.

@PaulSecteur : as the fault has occurred outside the first 30 days, you should allow the seller the opportunity to effect a repair. If the item still doesn't perform as expected then you can claim a refund or replacement. Stipulate that you are exercising your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. See the links below for guidance..

Summary of your rights for purchase of goods


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Personally, from past experience when I bought a PC from PC World over 15 years ago, I would not touch the company with a barge pole and I would strongly recommend you don't either.

To say that their customer support is appallingly dreadful, implies that that they actually care a tiny little bit, which they don't.

If you must buy from them I'd limit it to consumables, never anything that matters.
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