Conti GP5000 tubeless and DT Swiss Rims?


Anybody else tried this combination?

Like an idiot I forgot what a pain it was to fit tubeless tyres, my last attempt was schwalve tubeless easy on some Hunt wheels, went on eventually but painful and very difficult to seat. They just weren't successful.

Anyhow I thought I'd give them another go, this time on my DT Swiss E1800 wheels and bought some Conti's I had standard GP 5000 clinchers before.

Will they fit? Not a bloody chance, just needing up chasing the tyre all round the rim.

I am beyond hacked off with these and so expensive, I should have learnt my lesson. Tubeless for me a definite no.


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You must be doing something wrong - I have found Hunt wheels are some of the easiest to fit tubeless - a little tight first time on but a little patience in working the bead in needed. I use a small compressor to seat the tyres properly
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