1. CharlieB

    Advice on Tubeless Tyres, please

    I've just purchased a pair of wheels as an upgrade. They've arrived this morning, with tubeless tyres attached. They weren't described on the website (Wiggle) as coming with tyres, but thank you anyway. The problem is I'm completely new to tubeless tyres and the tech. behind them. There's a...
  2. Smokin Joe

    Goodyear Easy Fit Tubeless

    Those who would like to go tubeless but are unsure about the potential hassle might be interested in the new Goodyear tyres. Starting from just £20 each they are claimed to be easier to fit, inflatable with a hand pump and have better air retention -...
  3. Daninplymouth

    Pumping up tubeless tyres

    Hi, I am now running my first set of tubeless tyres but struggle with topping up the psi. I can top them up but it takes a massive effort most of my 90kg bodyweight on the pump and it’s slow going just had massive resistance at 60-70psi. I Just wondered if that is how they are or if I should be...
  4. lane

    GP 5000 Tubeless Long Term

    I have been running GP5000 for about 16 months and completed approximately 6,500km . I have been keeping an eye on the wear indicator and knew that the tyres might need replacing soon. Yesterday when out riding I had what might have been my first puncture; I heard a a noise that sounded like...
  5. jamin100

    Tubes or Tubeless

    I've just ordered the wife a set of tubeless compactable disc wheels for her Specialized Ruby Sport. I'm wondering whether or not to set them up as tubeless but having NEVER ventured into a tubeless setup before, i'm a bit unsure. My reasons for going tubeless are only really for one reason...
  6. Maherees

    Tubeless back to tubes

    Hello all, Just had my 7th puncture on my gravel bike, which are shod with Schwalbe G- ones, I have had enough as I’ve never had this many in such a short space of time. My plan is to buy some Panracer gravel tyres but with some inner tubes. However, living in a flat Will there be an awful mess...
  7. Tripster

    Tubeless Tyres, when to maintain

    I have tubeless tyres on my Whyte 905 with Stans No tube sealant in. Probably topped up a 3 or 4 times in last couple of years (dont do massive miles on it) and had no problems but wondered when to remove, clean out & replace sealant etc. or if it needs doing Ta
  8. benb

    Specialized Air Tool Blast Tubeless tyre setter

    Only used a handful of times, Works well. You attach a track pump and fill the air reservior, then turn the valve, and it dumps all that air out in one go. If you've got tubeless tyres you'll know how hard they can be with just a pump - you really need to get the air into them quicker than a...
  9. livpoksoc

    Proabably not the last time anyone asks about Tubeless...

    But after a frustrating ride this evening where I had all seasons of weather, but feeling Garmin froze, I ended up off course. Had 2 punctures I successfully changed by the side of the road, only for the gas bulbs to let me down and I had to call the wife out to collect me. So now I...
  10. BoldonLad

    EasyRide "tubeless" Tyres.

    In late 2019, I purchased a Giant Escape 0, with EasyRide "tubeless" tyres, fitted as standard. Since then, I have been happily riding around with a tubeless puncture repair kit, and, just in case, a spare inner tube, plus pump of course. Today, disaster struck, a puncture. which was too large...
  11. Aushiker

    Tubeless Bikepacking has done a blog post on tubeless bikepacking. Might be of interest. View: View:
  12. S

    Mavic yksion tubeless tyres

    I've got these tyres, came with my Mavic kysrium wheels and I've run them as tubeless since I got them. No issues - until today. On a fast descent I must have hit a grid or pothole I didn't see and had almost instant deflation. Thankfully stayed upright. Tried pumping up, but the hole seemed...
  13. Binka

    Road bike for a short person. ?105 groupset. ? disc brakes ? tubeless

    I currently ride a recumbent trike but looking at getting back into uprights. I've got a specialized tricross in the shed but I'd like something a bit faster and also I think it's too big for me. I'm 5ft 2", the tricross is a men's bike and is 49cm and I find the reach a bit long. I sat on a...
  14. D


    I have RSP AD3.0 wheels on my raleigh mustang elite with 36mm wide tubeless tyres. Is it possible to reduce tyre width to 32mm or 28mm? Thanks guys.
  15. Magpies

    Converting Triban RC520 "tubeless ready" wheels

    I'm reaching out for some information & advice. Many people have reported on this forum and elsewhere that repairing punctures on the new Triban RC520 is a pain, because removing and reseating the tires & tubes on the supplied "tubeless ready" wheels is very difficult. Has anyone on here has...
  16. Globalti

    Can I use inner tubes on tubeless wheels?

    Been thinking about buying some better wheels for the new Roubaix as the stock DT Swiss wheels aren't very impressive and Spesh have already had to give me a replacement rear wheel on warranty. I'm a bit of a Mavic fan as I buy into the way they do things and like the strength and stiffness of...
  17. L


    Quick question for you guys. Is it sensible if running a tubeless set up to have a pair of slick / semi slick road tyres for my on road commutes, and then have a set of more aggressive knobbly tyres for weekend rides on muddy trails etc. So the question is how much of a head ache would it be...
  18. wafter

    Tubeless for road / light off road - anyone bothered?

    Hypothtically speaking, had you just impulse-bought a long-desired "gravel" bike and it had the option of tubeless, would you take it or stick with the supplied tubes? I've done my homework and am aware of the benefits on paper, however I'm not sure if they warrant the additional mess and...
  19. grellboy

    Tubeless Tape Set up.

    Getting fed up with punctures so thought it could be time to go tubeless. Wheels are "tubeless ready" and tyres are good for it too. Got the sealant and ordered two tubeless valves, just wondering about the tape. As you can see in the picture, tape has shifted in some places from covering the...
  20. Justinitus

    **SOLD** Maxxis Minion DHF Tubeless 29er MTB Tyre

    I have up for grabs a Maxxis Ardent Race 29x2.35 Tubeless Folding 3C Maxx Speed (EXO/TR) tyre. 120tpi 3C casing. Super fast, durable mtb tyre. Plus a Maxxis Minion DHF 29x2.3 Tubeless EXO/TR tyre. Folding bead. Both tyres removed from a brand new bike - less than 20 miles ridden so as new...
  21. Alfa GT

    Tubeless tyre bulging

    Hey there! Just got some new Hutchinson overdrive tyres and one has a weird bulge when I fit it. I've fitted loads of tubeless tyres and have never seen this before. I'm thinking it's a manufacturing defect, what do others think? Is it safe to ride? Cheers A
  22. Y

    Tubular or Tubeless

    As the title really, I'm struggling to decide. I'm going to buy a new set of rim brake lightweight wheels, for use in good weather only and especially for cycling hols in the mountains but unsure whether to try tubulars or stick with tubeless. I've never used tubular before but am considering...
  23. gmw492

    Tubeless to tubed

    Can you change a tubeless set up and just put an inner tube in it to make it Tubed again? Example a giant TCR will come set up tubless but if it is not great, as tubeless is a bit of a marmite situation (love it or hate it) from what I have been reading, could you then just drain the fluid clean...
  24. lane

    Tubeless Sealant

    Quite a bit of previous discussion on this topic. My Stans Race Sealant has run out and so in due course will need to purchase more sealant. I can't really comment on the effectiveness of the race stuff because as far as I can tell I have no punctures. Does anyone have experience of sealant...
  25. CPRam

    Cleaning Tubeless Sealant off Carbon Rims

    Anyone have any tips on how to remove dried tubeless sealant from my rims? I've tried proper elbow grease, and scraping it off with a credit card, but it's not budging. I'm thinking some powerful solvent but I'm a bit worried that it might compromise the carbon in some way... Anyone else had...
  26. CPRam

    Tan/Gum Wall Tubeless 25/28mm Tyre Options

    I am looking to replace my tyres with a tubeless setup in the near future. Ideally I would like to go tubeless and with a tan wall to complement my stealth black TCR. However it seems that the options available are severely limited. I read that manufacturers find it difficult to make tan wall TL...
  27. RussellZero

    Another tubeless question

    I have tubeless on my CX bike that I use for most of my trail and offroad riding. I've been out at times when the sealant has worked and fixed 2 or 3 flint holes without hardly any deflation, but recently I've had a couple of occasions where the hole's been a little bigger - the sealant has...
  28. Y


    After two years of using tubeless had my first puncture yesterday, that sealant couldn’t cope with. Used a worm to plug the hole, no problem. Much easier and quicker than messing around with inner tubes!
  29. JhnBssll

    "Ghetto tubeless" road tyres

    Ghetto tubeless for those that haven't come across the term is the name given to a tubeless setup on non-tubeless ready rims. I bought some cheap Mavic Aksium's recently to use as winter wheels and thought I'd have a go at a ghetto tubeless setup and have decided to share my learnings to date in...
  30. MrGrumpy

    Tubeless again grrrrr

    Bought myself some new Gravel King tyres to fit, forgot how much of a mare they were to seal on the rims. Gone through 3 CO2 carts already lol. Stuck inner tubes in to see if that can help form the tyres on the rim and will try again. Also what’s a good sealant that I can inject through the...
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