1. Smokin Joe

    Article on Tubeless

    Cue a long debate degenerating into a slanging match between the last two participants, but nevertheless an interesting view of tubeless tyres on road bikes -
  2. Dwn

    Tubeless tyre practicalities

    I’m looking for some advice from those of you who run tubeless tyres. I’ve started to use one of my road bikes as a gravel bike. The wheels (Fulcrum Racing 6) and tyres Vittoria Terreno Dry) are tubeless ready, but I’ve been running them with an inner tube. I’ve been reluctant to go tubeless...
  3. F

    Right tubeless pressure

    Hi, my new bike is set up tubeless. First time I've tried tubeless. It comes with 25mm tyres, and on the side the suggested range is 85-125 psi. Given I'm 98kg and I ride on an ok surfaced tarmac, what tyre pressure would you recommend for front and rear?
  4. Arrowfoot

    Tube vs tubeless

    Watch till the end. View: Post note edit: As correctly pointed out by @Milkfloat, the syringe valve injection is not recommended by Stan's No tube "race sealant version". The bigger crystals in the liquid that acts to seal cannot pass thru.
  5. shep

    Campagnolo Zonda's and going tubeless.

    Been running them with tubes but looking at going tubeless, got tubeless on other wheels so have a little bit of experience with them. Question is do I need rim tape with this sort of wheels? The spokes are ' hidden ' for want of another word so can't see the need for tape. The bumph that...
  6. I

    tubeless ready tyres

    I am due to change tyres on my road bike. My wheels are tubeless ready and the tyres I use are Hutchinson tubeless ready. I am thinking of setting up as tubeless with sealant. I know you need to have different valves but do you need to change the rim tape. My tape is in good condition but there...
  7. Trigger369

    New to Tubeless

    Hi all . Recently upgraded my wheels to tubless . Do I still need to carry a spare tube on rides incase of a bad puncture.? What things do you all carry incase of the inevitable. Thanks
  8. MrGrumpy

    Tubeless Valves

    Anyone running tubeless valves cut out of old inner tubes ? Talking about fully threaded ones with removable cores. My current valves are not long enough I could buy them however when inner tubes are somewhat cheaper, just wonder if its viable ?
  9. P

    2 X 'NEW' Tubeless Giant Gavia AC1 tyres

    Hi all, As per the title I have 2 X Tubeless Giant Gavia AC1 tyres for sale. They are 700x 25c. Seem to get a good write up in reviews. These tyres are removed from my new bike as I have replaced with an old set of summer tyres I had lying around. They have not seen any tarmac and therefore...
  10. gazza81

    Tubeless tyres

    Getting a new bike delivered next week, not ridden in over a year! Thinking of future upgrades and id like to go tubeless but dont really know where to start! Whats a good tire for off rd single track, and look nice! on a budget? Anything else i need? The bike is the vitus nucleus 27 Thanks
  11. SpokeyDokey

    Trek (Bontrager) tubeless set-up.

    I have a Trek Domane ALR5 Disc with TLR (tubeless ready wheels). I like the idea of Trek's rim strip inserts instead of tape...
  12. plastic_cyclist

    Tubeless Tyre Deflated today mid-ride

    Hi folks, was out this morning and my co-rider noticed my rear tyre had gone down - I checked and couldn't really see any damage. Had another issue trying to pump it back up as the mini pump I have is supposed to screw into the valve in order for it to be pumped, after pumping back up, I...
  13. Gibbo9

    Tubeless tyre advice

    Hi All, I have recently invested in a new bike which will be fitted with tubeless tyres. 2 questions really, are they really as difficult to fit onto the rims as they look (youtube) and what would you recommend for me to carry in my saddle bag? I currently carry 2 tubes, CO2, levers and repair...
  14. livpoksoc

    Fitting new tubeless tyres to new tubeless rims

    First time fitting tubeless, trying to get my continental gp5000 TLR tyres (25mm) onto my new hunt superdura wheels. I can't get the tyre over the rim fully at all. It's already shaving plastic off my Xtools tyre levers and I'm worried I'll break something if I force it any harder. I'm using...
  15. Tail End Charlie

    Tubeless rims.

    I've been tidying up my bike store and have found some things I didn't know I had. One of these is a good quality rear hub which I'd like to build up into a wheel. Any recommendations for a 36 hole rim, rim brakes, 700c, 25-28mm tyre? If you don't like tubeless please don't contribute, I'm...
  16. Dogtrousers

    Tubeless standard(s)

    Are all tubeless tyres suitable for all "tubeless ready" rims these days? Or are there competing standards? I ask this because I was reading around and found various articles of various ages that mentioned Mavic's UST standard and a "forthcoming" ISO 5775 standard (I don't know if it's come...
  17. T

    Tubeless tyre first assembly

    Schwalbe pro ones first assembly says the tyre must be run for 25 km after first assembly or sealing cannot be guaranteed. With Xmas not been out on new bike and the ice & snow have curtailed that for this week too. I’m itching to get out on it before returning to site next week but chances look...
  18. livpoksoc

    Tubeless pumps and sealant injectors

    I'm awaiting delivery of my first tubeless rims, I have the tyres and sealant here already. The questions I have are 1. Should I invest in a tubeless pump that charges up to release air in one hit, and 2. Do I need a sealant injector, and if so are they all the same size in terms of valve...
  19. theboxers

    Tubeless Wheelset for the Mammoths amongst us, me included

    I'm after a tubeless wheelset for a rider of my heft :blush: (125kg last measured, heaviest bike is a 15kg ebike (measured)). I'm on a budget so will have to rule out some of the exotica out there (🤤:sad::cry:). I've found quite a few out there with a 130kg+ limit (that piece of info is not that...
  20. livpoksoc

    Tubeless tyre sizing vs clincher and tubes?

    I'm about to click 'order' on a new pair of tubeless rims and tyres. The bit I can't be sure about is that my current clincher and tube set up has a 25mm Continental GP on them and there's a bit of space around the wheels in all dimensions so could possibly go up to 28mm. I'm wondering if the...
  21. T

    Do Audax riders use tubeless

    I was pondering this so thought I would ask. Not asking which is best as it’s been asked a thousand times but do you use them or see a benefit to them on Audax or long distance rides ?
  22. A

    Tubular vs Tubeless vs Clincher tyres

    Which tyre do you prefer and why? Which one would you recommend personally?
  23. L

    Tubeless tyre plug

    Apologies if this has been done before, I'm getting differing opinions when searching so thought Id just ask. I got a puncture yesterday that didn't seal, Luckily I was about 1km away from nearest bike shop who kindly stuck a plug into it and it was fine. The cut was about 4/5mm and the plug...
  24. oldgreyandslow

    Conti GP5000 tubeless and DT Swiss Rims?

    Anybody else tried this combination? Like an idiot I forgot what a pain it was to fit tubeless tyres, my last attempt was schwalve tubeless easy on some Hunt wheels, went on eventually but painful and very difficult to seat. They just weren't successful. Anyhow I thought I'd give them another...
  25. wafter

    Tubeless compatability and other Qs about Maddux RD2.0 wheels as fitted to the Cannondale Caad13..

    I'm looking for a second wheelset for my CdF so I can swap between slicks and knobblies. I'm tight and happy with the OEM wheels (Jalco 240D, 19c, 32h, TLR) but can't find any of these. I have found a pair of Maddux RD2.0s (which I believe come from the same company and are fitted as standard...
  26. Phaeton

    Is Innertube Sealant different to Tubeless Sealant?

    Out on Saturday as as I was coming back home I could feel the back of the bike wasn't right it was moving around too much. About 1/2 mile from home I stopped & found a couple of large thorns in the tyre, so pulled them out, checked & could see anymore obvious ones, gave it a quick CO2 & made it...
  27. SirDickieBird

    Tubeless Seating

    First time with tubeless (self-setting-up rather than already done). Got the tyres on. Got inflated and added sealant. Held pressure overnight. Only thing is, there wasn't a lot of the "popping" and cracking you hear on the old YouTube videos. What do I need to do to check all okay before...
  28. L

    Mixing tubeless sealant

    Quick question on sealants. My Mavic wheels came with Mavic own brand sealant so I used this up when first installing the wheels. I also brought a big bottle of stans sealant for top ups but now im wondering if I need to remove the tyres, clean out all the old mavic sealant before topping up...
  29. P


    My rear tyre is leaking air, have to pump it up every few days. Do I add more sealant to stop the leak
  30. CharlieB

    Advice on Tubeless Tyres, please

    I've just purchased a pair of wheels as an upgrade. They've arrived this morning, with tubeless tyres attached. They weren't described on the website (Wiggle) as coming with tyres, but thank you anyway. The problem is I'm completely new to tubeless tyres and the tech. behind them. There's a...
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