1. CPRam

    Cleaning Tubeless Sealant off Carbon Rims

    Anyone have any tips on how to remove dried tubeless sealant from my rims? I've tried proper elbow grease, and scraping it off with a credit card, but it's not budging. I'm thinking some powerful solvent but I'm a bit worried that it might compromise the carbon in some way... Anyone else had...
  2. CPRam

    Tan/Gum Wall Tubeless 25/28mm Tyre Options

    I am looking to replace my tyres with a tubeless setup in the near future. Ideally I would like to go tubeless and with a tan wall to complement my stealth black TCR. However it seems that the options available are severely limited. I read that manufacturers find it difficult to make tan wall TL...
  3. RussellZero

    Another tubeless question

    I have tubeless on my CX bike that I use for most of my trail and offroad riding. I've been out at times when the sealant has worked and fixed 2 or 3 flint holes without hardly any deflation, but recently I've had a couple of occasions where the hole's been a little bigger - the sealant has...
  4. Y


    After two years of using tubeless had my first puncture yesterday, that sealant couldn’t cope with. Used a worm to plug the hole, no problem. Much easier and quicker than messing around with inner tubes!
  5. JhnBssll

    "Ghetto tubeless" road tyres

    Ghetto tubeless for those that haven't come across the term is the name given to a tubeless setup on non-tubeless ready rims. I bought some cheap Mavic Aksium's recently to use as winter wheels and thought I'd have a go at a ghetto tubeless setup and have decided to share my learnings to date in...
  6. MrGrumpy

    Tubeless again grrrrr

    Bought myself some new Gravel King tyres to fit, forgot how much of a mare they were to seal on the rims. Gone through 3 CO2 carts already lol. Stuck inner tubes in to see if that can help form the tyres on the rim and will try again. Also what’s a good sealant that I can inject through the...
  7. W

    Running tubeless tyres

    What are people's thoughts on these?
  8. Justinitus

    Tubeless Sealant Injector Hack

    I find putting sealant in my tyres (2 bikes) a bit messy so I was intending to buy one of the injector kits that apply it through the valve stem next time I was ordering something. They seem to run about £10-13, so not a big purchase! But I saw this in the local farmers supply shop - a lamb...
  9. BoldonLad

    Tubeless Tyre Care

    I have recently purchased a Giant Escape Disc 1. It has tubeless tyres. This is the first time I have owned a bicycle with tubeless tyres. Other than inflating, when needed, is there any other regular maintenance I should be doing (on tyres)? Thank you.
  10. betty swollocks

    Road cycling tubeless is not quite there yet.

    I've been riding tubeless on my road bikes for 3 years now and I love the lower pressures and greater comfort it avails and will persevere because of these, however, the sealant will only mend pinprick-sized holes. Any bigger than this and the sealant will only hold up to a limited pressure, say...
  11. Doyleyburger

    Tubeless on non tubeless rim ?

    Hi all. Not been on here for a while so I'll apologise if this been posted elsewhere. I kind of feel like iv done this the hard way.....let me explain. New Giant TCR purchased in spring of this year... absolutely love it. Came with the light Giant carbon rims which were tubeless ready. Before I...
  12. Justinitus

    Tubeless Valve Help Needed!

    Hi all Recently got a new bike that’s running tubeless. The Presta valves themselves aren’t gumming up and are working fine so need to remove them for cleaning. The issue I’m having is that the little knurled brass nut you undo to put air in is jamming solid every time and it’s hard to undo. I...
  13. robgul

    Thinking of going tubeless . . . .

    I’ve just bought a new carbon road bike (see PlanetX thread) and am thinking of venturing into the world of tubeless – the wheels are Fulcrum Race 700 which are 2-way (i.e. tubed or tubeless) – the question is which tyres to fit in 700 x 28 for general riding, not racing, and reasonable...
  14. rugby bloke

    Tubeless Tyre - "gummed up" valve

    Another of my posts on the theme of being a mechanical incompetent. I am running tubeless tyres and the valve on the front wheel appears to have gummed up solid. I suspect its a result of the problems I had earlier in the summer when the bike went to Spain. When I first pumped up the tyre...
  15. Rooster1

    Tubeless deflation

    My Giant Advanced came with a tubeless setup on Gianrt Gavia tyres. Apart from losing pressure on the rear one time i've had about 6 months of trouble free riding. I did get the sealant replenished in March as it needs doing every few months. Then I noticed the rear was losing pressure. I...
  16. Slipperdiff

    Stick with tubeless?

    I have just acquired a nice Trek Madone 6.5 which has upgraded Aura 5 TLR aero wheels with 26mm tubeless tyres. I’ve not ridden tubeless before and so I’m not sure whether to give them a go, pick up some sealant and a high pressure pump and ride some miles on them, or swap for tubed tyres which...
  17. Justinitus

    Giant Crosscut Gravel 1 Tubeless Tyres 700x40c - Pair

    These came fitted tubeless to my Revolt Advanced but are a bit too gravel orientated for me, so I swapped them out today for some wide roady slicks. These have a very comfy ride and have puncture protection built in. Less than 20 miles ridden so as new. £30 new each, looking for £35 for the...
  18. alecstilleyedye

    wire beaded tyres used as tubeless

    as the thread title; can it be done with the usual kit?
  19. G


    Hi there I’m thinking of buying this bike: I had a Giant TCR on hire on holiday last year and was really impressed. This bike is set up for tubeless tyres and the bike shop have...
  20. mikeymustard

    I've just gone road tubeless - a lot of ups and downs but is it a steep learning curve?

    Well, I'll answer my own question - yes, yes it is a steep learning curve (sorry about the bad pun btw) and there were a lot more downs than ups! In case anyone else is thinking about going down the road tubeless route, I'll go through some of the pitfalls I encountered, and if I can be arsed...
  21. Sbudge

    Continental GP5000 tubeless blow outs

    Anyone tried the new(ish) Conti tubeless variant? I've been trying a set out and while they ride well they do seem to be particularly sensitive to pressures. The Conti site quotes a recommended 65psi (for 28s) and a maximum of 94psi. I inflated mine to 78 psi in error and they just blew off...
  22. M

    Tubeless compatable or not?

    Can anyone tell me if the Maddox cx 2.0 and rapid rob tyres be converted to run tubeless.??? Think I read somewhere that they can but can’t find where I read that.?
  23. Rooster1

    Clincher tyres on tubeless wheels

    I will probably change the tubeless tyres on the Giant SR2 disc wheels. I just want to run clinchers! The Giant tubeless video demonstrates a three step sequence to do precisely that. I know its controversial but anyways. Tubeless is entirely new to me and I don't wan't to get stuck in the...
  24. R

    Removing tubeless tyres

    I have Hutchinson sector tubeless tyres on my winter bike, not used it since May time and fluid/ air leaking from around valve, had this a bit last winter. Have decided to replace valves, but can not get the tyres off the rims, unable to break the seal at the rim, combination of good tight fit...
  25. G

    Tubeless Tyres

    I've been looking at Giant TCR bikes and most of them have tubeless tyres whereby a sealant plugs a puncture. Are these any good or do you think it's better to do it the old fashioned way with an inner tube? The bike shop said either the sealant or the inner tubes can be used
  26. Kernow_T


  27. gmw492

    Tubeless question

    hi, I am buying a new bike and have a choice of 3 on my shortlist, all come with tubeless tyres.I have seen videos on them and they seem pretty much puncture proof due to the self sealant supplied.Now I know nothing is certain and they are not 100% as you see the pros getting punctures. My...
  28. S

    Tubeless tyre upgrade options

    Hi, I had a crash at the weekend when I skidded on a wet road. I was rolling on Giant SLR wheels with 25mm Giant Gavia AC 1 tyres. Naturally, I am looking to replace the tyres with ones that grip better in the wet, because coming off the bike at 30mph hurts. I would like to stay tubeless and...
  29. Velochris

    Road Tubeless Tips **update re leak**

    Hello all. I'm fairly mechanically minded (build up my own bikes and wheels) but I've never fitted or used a tubeless tyre. I have read and watched plenty and generally know what to do. More out of interest I've ordered some Hutchinson Fusion 5 11storm tyres due to what seems to be universally...
  30. Kernow_T

    **Moved**/BNIB: American Classic Hurricane (wide) Tubeless Ready Wheel- £350>>325 inc post

    Pal bought three wheelsets for one build then went on holiday and didn't get building and now can't return two sets! **Brand New** Only unboxed for pictures Comes with tape, tubeless valves, spacer, booklet and QR skewers. Incredible premium wheelset, perfect for road, gravel, CX and touring...
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