1. Biff600

    Tubeless or tubed ??

    After getting a puncture yesterday and having to walk 6 miles home (yes, schoolboy error not having a spare tube with me), I have been thinking................. Is it worth sticking with tubed tyres and carrying tubes, pump, repair kit, levers etc or is it worth going tubeless (the wheels and...
  2. mustang1

    Anyone gone tubeless on road bike?

    What are your experiences?
  3. R

    Run Bora or Fulcrum Speed 40C in tubeless mode

    Hello to all, is there anyone who run these wheels in tubeless configuration ??
  4. Chris Swift

    Tubeless Tyres?

    Anybody using Tubeless tyres? Are they durable enough? do you have to replace the tyre after a puncture ?
  5. L

    Tubeless worth it for a road bike?

    After a 3rd puncture (2 on back tyre, one on front) in a week, I've reached the point where my tyres are pretty much too cut up and need replacing (to be expected I guess, they are "racier" tyres, so longevity not the key). I now have a dilemma. I've been looking at tubeless for a while, and...
  6. Tilley

    Tubeless Big Apple tyres

    When I have to replace the tyres on my Trice QNT I'm thinking of upgrading to Schwalbe Big Apples for a little extra comfort and I am also considering going tubeless. However has anyone attempted this and how successful/difficult was it?
  7. Riding in Circles

    Tubeless tyres

    Is anyone here running tubeless tyres on their daily ride? I am seriously considering putting them on my hybrid as they seem like a great idea but they are still a pretty new deal and quite expensive hence any genuine experiences would be good to hear about.
  8. Pale Rider

    Tubeless ready rims and punctures

    Does anyone have experience of fixing punctures on tubeless ready rims? One of my bikes has tubeless ready rims with inner tubes. Fixing today's puncture wasn't quite straightforward. First problem was unseating the bead from the rim. Hand pressure wasn't enough, although I did manage it...
  9. Globalti

    Anybody seen "sweating" on tubeless tyres?

    There's an interesting discussion going on on Singletrack about this, they are mostly mountain bikers so I thought I'd nip over here and ask if anybody with road tyres filled with latex has noticed sweating on the tyres. Opinion is divided between water from the latex solution and oil used as...
  10. Flyboy


    Is tubeless really worth the hassle and exspence , my mate had a flat at the weekend , we could not sort it out so a tube was fitted . What's the point.
  11. Will Spin

    Going Tubeless

    I'm out for 4-5 rides a week usually. The last few weeks I have had at least one puncture a week and am getting fed up with standing beside the road fixing the puncture, usually in the wet, so after a lifetime of tubes I've taken the plunge. Just ordered a pair of 28mm Hutchinson road...
  12. rideswithmoobs

    Tubeless tyre pressures for a beginner

    Switched from road to MTB and my Whyte 905 is now tubeless. I know there are a million variables but what's a good starting pressure for tubeless tyres 13.5 stone Riding forest trails and Lake District paths. The bike is set at 26 psi front and 29 rear but I figure that's way too high for...
  13. gbs

    Mounting a tubeless tyres on a road bike

    One of my tyres now resists my efforts and those of a professional, experienced MTB mechanic to mount. Two shops, Evans and Giant, have quoted £40 to mount a tyre. Given that I successfullly mounted tyres (including the current miscreant) in less than 10 minutes I do not find the shop charge...
  14. Kevin Alexander

    Tubeless Tyres

    Hi Guys Bought new tubeless wheels and wondered if anyone has tubeless road tyres that they could recommend? Thanks
  15. ozboz

    Tubeless ...

    Maxxis Minnions , tubeless ,are they ok ? , ive never had tubeless tyres on a bike , are there any major drawbacks ?
  16. pkeenan

    Audaxing with tubeless

    I realise this is more of a technical question, but I'm posting it here because I want to put it specifically to audax riders: Is anyone doing long distance riding tubeless? What are people's thoughts on the pros and cons of a tubeless set-up for audaxing? If anybody has any insight I would be...
  17. benb

    Tubeless tyres are awesome!

    I think this would have even defeated Marathon Plus tyres: it was 35mm long! With tubeless, I only noticed it due to the noise on the road every wheel revolution.
  18. benb

    Tubeless tyres

    Having got a brilliant deal on some tubeless ready tyres, I have just fitted some schwalbe g-one tubeless tyres. A bit of a faff to fit, but not that tricky. Haven't been on a long ride yet, but will try them out properly on the commute tomorrow.
  19. Joffey

    Ghetto Tubeless

    Anyone ever done this to their wheels?
  20. oldgreyandslow

    Tubeless to be or not to be part 2

    Not. Nightmare. Hutchinson Intensive tyres, Kinlin tubeless ready rims, stans no tube cyclocross kit for 700cc wheels. Not sure what I have done wrong but there's no way the tyres will seat. First I removed the old rim tape and fitted the stans yellow tape, fitted the rim tape with the...
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