Tubeless Tyres, when to maintain


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I have tubeless tyres on my Whyte 905 with Stans No tube sealant in. Probably topped up a 3 or 4 times in last couple of years (dont do massive miles on it) and had no problems but wondered when to remove, clean out & replace sealant etc. or if it needs doing



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If you have removable cores you can always remove the core to check how much sealant still moving around. Or rotate tyre whilst listening. But generally you just top up when it has dried out.


You will find the solidified but wet Stans can be peeled out when the tyre is first taken off the rim. It will set if the tyre is left off the rim and will be pain to remove.

I tend to find the tyre is done with before they need cleaning out. I just top up when I can't hear anything sloshing about in the tyre when shook side to side.


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I have not used it much since last October, been away, so tyres have loads of life. Will check for sloshing 👍
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