Tubeless rims.

Tail End Charlie

Well, write it down boy ......
I've been tidying up my bike store and have found some things I didn't know I had. One of these is a good quality rear hub which I'd like to build up into a wheel.
Any recommendations for a 36 hole rim, rim brakes, 700c, 25-28mm tyre?

If you don't like tubeless please don't contribute, I'm aware of the issues, but would like to try for myself and having the hub is a good place to start.


Kilometre nibbler
It just so happens that I've been browsing similar products lately. I could be wrong but I think you may have trouble with the 36 hole bit. I think I've only seen 28 and 32. But I have to admit I've not been actively looking for 36.

If you want to really confuse yourself, consider if you want a hooked or hookless rim.

Sorry for such a useless answer. I look forward to people who actually know what they are talking about posting on this thread.
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