Converting an MTB to a tourer

How practical is this? I've got a Giant Terrago MTB with slicks. Is it easy to fit a pannier rack and large enough panniers for touring? I'm pretty sure that it can be done, but is the result satisfactory? The bike is pretty quick on the road, has nicely spaced gears and the frame is very strong.


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Absolutely no reason why not, has it got braze ons for mudguards, rack etc.? I take it it is not a Halfords £99 full-susser?


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I tour on an old Raleigh MTB and have no probs. The only braze ons that it does not have are for a front low rider pannier but that has not been a problem yet for me. The frame is made from plain gauge 531 tubing which is good but not partiularly light. The weight has not been a problem although I knew it was not light. It is lighter than the Dawes Sardar that is tested in C+ this months, though!


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To all the questions, yes.

I don't understand why people think that cycle touring, unless it is in the jungle, is like a long walk to school in the 19th century with no shoes

You don't see stuff like this in the 'Hot rodding my Vauxhall Nova' threads,

i.e. Will my hotrodded Vauxhall Nova allow me to, er, go around in it
Patrick Stevens said:
Blimey - I have it on subscription and missed this. :biggrin:

I don't really keep back copies so can't check - guess it could have been a totally different magazine!

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I don't remember the article but after a few years of subscription sometimes it's easy to gloss over some articles. I'm sure I've read everything before now!
I'm sure there is a site (often linked to from here) about a couple who bought food stamp bikes, converted them to tourers and have ridden many thousands of miles since.


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I use my Rock Lobster Ti for touring and commuting. I fit Schwalbe Marathon 25x1.5 for touring, and Specialized All Conditions Pro 26x1 for commuting. It had no rack mounts so I fitted a Tubus Q/R adapter to provide the bottom mount (it also increases heel clearance)


and for the upper mount a Tubus seat stay clip


(they are a cut above standard p-clips, and are very secure)

and for a rack I fitted a Tubus Cosmo


which also increases heel clearance because of the lower, more rearward rail.

I added two extra p-clips (regular cheap ones) for the rear seat stay mudguard mount)

I swapped the Rock Shox SID SL forks for Kona P2 triple butted rigid forks, these have mudguard eyes.

The result is very successful, very stable and comfy. I may get a low-rider rack and bags for future tours.
John Ponting said:
Those who buy C+ magazine had an illustrated article about that a couple of issues ago.


No wonder we can't remember the article - it was over 2 months ago!! Most of us have slept since then.

C+ 199 August 2007 pp 98-104.
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