Coppi Fignon Pantani and recreational drugs

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I've been reading about the deaths of these three. I was shocked that Fausto Coppi died at a young age from a suspected drug overdose,as did Marco Pantani. Laurent Fignon's death was attributed to the use of recreational drugs in his younger years. I wonder why supremely fit athletes would not only put their careers at risk but also their lives by dabbling in such things?


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Goldman's Dilemma?

Actually, that doesn't explain WHY they do it, just that some people will.
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Coppi died of malaria.

Some say otherwise.

Death investigation[edit]
Memorial in the Pordoi Pass
In January 2002 a man identified only as Giovanni, who lived in Burkina Faso until 1964, said Coppi died not of malaria but of an overdose of cocaine. The newspaper Corriere dello Sport said Giovanni had his information from Angelo Bonazzi. Giovanni said: "It is Angelo who told me that Coppi had been killed. I was a supporter of Coppi, and you can imagine my state when he told me that Coppi had been poisoned in Fada Gourma, at the time of a reception organised by the head of the village. Angelo also told me that [Raphael] Géminiani was also present... Fausto's plate fell, they replaced it, and then..."[37]

The story has also been attributed to a 75-year-old Benedictine monk called Brother Adrien. He told Mino Caudullo of the Italian National Olympic Committee: "Coppi was killed with a potion mixed with grass. Here in Burkina Faso this awful phenomenon happens. People are still being killed like that." Coppi's doctor, Ettore Allegri, dismissed the story as "absolute drivel."[38][39]

A court in Tortona opened an investigation and asked toxicologists about exhuming Coppi's body to look for poison. A year later, without exhumation, the case was dismissed.[40]

Laurent Fignon's death was attributed to the use of recreational drugs in his younger years.
Whilst Fignon, like Coppi, took "recreational" drugs (they were mostly taken to enhance performance rather than them sitting around having "fun" so I am not sure if the term "recreational" is correct) it cannot be proved that his cancer was a result of his drug use. There are 1000s of pro riders who took the same drugs and have not died. But I concede that there may be a link.

The only one of the riders you mentioned who died as a direct result of drug use was Pantani.
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