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Whilst watching last night , it set me thinking about what my core memories are ?

Is it the time i spent in the surgery room where my daughter was born via cesarean ?
Or the first time i met my partner nearly 15 years ago ?
I can just about remember walking along the tow path at Rockwell Green
Going on holiday to the South of France in my teens with my parents and older sister ?
Going on a school trip to see the Bayeux tapestry ?
or any others things i can remember ?

What are your core memories ?


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Being sent to boarding school, which I still view as a betrayal by my parents.

My marriage. The deaths of close family members. The birth of my son.


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Being pushed over into a large puddle on my first day at school aged 4.

The day Jimi Hendrix died.

First ever practice lap of Isle of Man TT course at racing speed.

There's loads more but these were the first to spring to mind.


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i have thought about this, and I have loads of memories from childhood and throughout life with friends and holidays etc but the real core memories involve holding hands and comings and goings.

Holding the wife's hand while giving birth to our two children.

Holding my mothers hand as she passed away peacefully.


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I earliest I can remember is being in my pram, with the rain hood up and it raining. I had a blue furry rabbit toy with me. I can also remember my first day at primary school in 1963. A girl named Hazel Fox took me by the hand and led me into the school.


I remember my first day at school but my real core memory is getting to spend time with my mum on a beach as I was the youngest and everyone else was in school. I also remember having far too much fun in playgroup as it was called then, to even notice my mum had gone. When I finally did, I screamed the place down until she returned to console me with an iced coconut finger.


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In a bed(hospital) where the sides had put in place, looking through a window watching my parents leaving through the adjoining ward. Wondering what I'd done. I'm stood at the head of the bed, just able to see over the top with the sides the same height.

Escaping from school, on the first day, decided I didn't like it. Out of the building, across the playground and down the main road. Got stopped and returned to the school.

March 1977, first Thursday back after nearly a week in hospital. Headmaster coming into the classroom, everyone else but me told to sit back down. He then told me, and everyone else there "You will not be going swimming any more." A major fit, which lasted some time, was what put me in hospital.

Even the teachers seemed to be aware of the effect of what he'd said as they left me alone for the rest of the day. Playtime that morning was spent sitting on a wall just outside the main entrance. Out of bounds normally, but I was left alone by the teachers.

Getting bought a pint by the local undertaker, having been travelled in the rear of his vehicle to hospital earlier that morning, from the cathedral. It was a first for him.


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Doing my homework using a little wooden chair as a table while mum and dad sat watching telly on the couch. Must have been 5 or 6.
Dad unlocking the trailer doors of his HGV and lifting out a brand new shiny light blue Raleigh Budgie! :biggrin:
Running away from home on said Budgie and taking refuge at my grannies a couple miles away. Playing in a huge cardboard box as the parents turned up.
First time I kissed a girl. I was 10 years old and my girlfriends dad took me up to her bedroom where she was sleeping and I gave her a peck on the cheek as a goodbye. My family moved to England that night.
Not many happy memories after that.


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Lots of my early memories are based on family photos. So how much is actual memory and how much is manufactured to believe it is a memory is anyone’s guess.


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A girl named Hazel Fox took me by the hand and led me into the school.
Do you ever wonder where she is ?

I remember joining a choir so i could spend time with Katie Norman who i am sure died a couple of years later of cancer

So how much is actual memory and how much is manufactured to believe it is a memory is anyone’s guess.
That is a good question


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Wow, so many ... early life ones that spring to mind:
Having a painting I did as a 5 yr old displayed in a national competition (it was of water voles)
Being allowed to sit on the rocking horse in primary school (5 yrs old again) as I'd finished my work before everyone else
Saving up pocket money to buy a glockenspiel
Having a pet stick insect, then (stupidly) taking it outside to feed on a hedge, and losing it :laugh:
Having a really bad stammer till I was about 6 (then it disappeared)
Winning the primary school 'best handwriting' competition
Being very ill with an allergy to penicillin (think I was 4 or 5) ... I can still remember the comics I read while in bed
.... could go on, but that's enough for now :smile:
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