Could this be a new record ?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by taximan, 9 Aug 2012.

  1. taximan

    taximan Vetus bumbolum iuvenum corde

    In a space of about two hours My mate and I had a total of 6 punctures and we never turned a wheel.
    We both found a flat tyre on our bikes one morning and commenced to repair them. First, John fit a new tube and began to inflate. Before he reached 70lb pressure, the tyre simply exploded. I chose to repair the offending tube and when I refit it, it went flat almost immediately. When I took out the tube there was another puncture about 2 inches from the first. I tried again and the same thing happened. I tried again with the same result. I closely examined the tube after that and found a fault which extended all the way round the tube. To add insult to injury, When we finally got out for a run over the moors, the heavens opened and we were were absolutely soaked. Ah, the joy of the open road .
  2. Raging Squirrel

    Raging Squirrel Well-Known Member

    North West
    that can't be good at all.....i hate puncture repair!
  3. sittingbull

    sittingbull Über Member

    South Liverpool
    It's not nice when they explode :eek:
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

    Suspect the inner tube was caught between the tyre and the rim. Usually does the tube in beyond repair.
  5. Nebulous

    Nebulous Veteran

    I had a long spell without punctures and recently have had a few. Small bits of glass/stone in pro 3 tyres, reputed on here to cut up badly as they get older, so I decided to change them. Spent most of the evening yesterday fettling and managed to pinch one of the tubes while putting on the new tyres. I can't win!
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