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Having a deep appreciation of british wild flowers i grow some in my garden and about a year ago noticed on my route to work various waste ground /empty areas after ground works that were devoid of plant life so decided to sow surplus seed and seedings that my garden produces there to add a bit of colour and diversity, they are of course certified britsh wildflower from a known source, this is yet another little side line to my comute to work, getting some good results so far the photos are of some corn cockle i sowed last September,there are about 5 different spots that i have sown up to now, any body else doing any guerilla gardening on the way to work if not you want to give it a go it lends itself perfectly to any cycle comute, while also helping bees and butterflies .


Good idea, might give it a go, although I reckon it's going to take a bit to brighten up Paisley town centre. :eek:

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What an excellent idea: I have a surplus of flowers at the moment, will give it a go.
My commute is well suited, but I need to pick a spot where council land workers don't go, they destroy all form of living vegetation :laugh:
A few years ago now, some forget-me-nots self-seeded in my garden. Where the hell they came from I don't know, but I now have (at this time of year) drifts and drifts of beautiful blue flowers. :wub:

Since they are a native species, I'll save some seeds and distribute them. :smile: They like semi-shade, so hedgerows would work...

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I've often thought of chucking a few of these about onto waste ground:

Interestingly, the Bristol to Bath Railway Path has a motley collection of plants growing beside it. On my commute I see flowers tumbling down into the cuttings having escaped from gardens backing onto it. Even Chives, thrown away in household waste!. I did get a nice cutting of a white buddleia from the path for my garden.

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What a great idea. I am sure I can find a few places on my commute that would benefit.


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We had a chap in to build a wall at the end of the garden and every lunch time he sat down in the same place to eat a healthy granary roll crusted with wheat. The following year a small wheat patch grew up. I harvested it and saved the grains but I doubt they'll germinate now.


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Some years ago i used to travel down to Rebridge to pick up parts on a weekly basis and there was a mature fella there ( i was youngerthen i'm mature too :blush:) i used to get on well with. He walked to work most days and used to carry a bag of seeds and covertly throw them in verges, peoples gardens etc etc.
Why ? i asked.
It brightens up my walk to work :rolleyes:, he replied


What's with the big focus on native plants?

Do non-British plants introduce disease or other conditions to the detriment of local plants?

Just curious, not being a gardener meself.
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