covid test today

Mrs roadrash is cook in a residential unit for adults with mental health issues , a member of staff tested positive for covid several days ago, to cut a long story short , me and mrs roadrash was feeling a bit ropey , under the weather yesterday, both up all night coughing and temperature, pair of us feeling like sh!te this morning, advised to go for test , we went at 8.30 this morning at haydock park race course, couldnt believe how many folk was getting tested.
Anyhow now for the 24/48 hour isolation and wait for results, fingers , toes, eyes ...everything crossed for negative result and hope its just a general bug type of thing.


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Still up the nose?


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Just be aware it'll likely not be 24/ 48 hours, my daughter had a test last Saturday and didn't get the result until Wednesday, so 4 full days. I gather 3 to 4 days is the norm at the moment.

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Hope it's nowt and you get the :thumbsup:


I wasn't hearing of many positives in people I knew last time round, now it seems to be really prevalent!

Also not the first time I've heard of couples where one is +ve and one -ve, I don't really see how that's possible?
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