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I heard a ping during a leisurely ride this morning. I thought it was a spoke and stopped for a quick check but couldn't spot any problems. The wheel was still true, so I thought nothing of it. While cleaning the bike this afternoon, I saw this crack.

Its a Fulcrum Racing 5, the rear wheel. Only 7-8 months old, but ridden fairly extensively, about 3000 miles.

What are your thoughts on it? Keep riding for daily commutes and keep an eye on it, or completely avoid riding all together.

If the wheel could see me through a few weeks, my cash flow will be a lot better and I'll be able to buy a nice new wheelset. Avoiding use will either mean buying a very cheap rear wheel now or riding my MTB to work which would be a real pain (14m each way).



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I wouldn't ride it. A crack in that position is likely to propogate. Ride your MTB instead and feel the training benefit.
I had similar with my RS10's last year, planet-x replaced no problems, same has happened with the replacement RS11's, though these are much fainter just ordered some R501's as I am fed up with the issues with spokes and rear rims on the RS10/11's, I would try for a warranty claim, but I haven't looked after then quite so well, this year and the rear got a dent in it very early on, both in the region of 6-7,000 miles.


LBS called back to say that he is happy to send the wheel back to Fulcrum under a warranty claim. This doesn't definitely mean the warranty will be honoured, but LBS guy said he thought they would given the age of the wheel and the nature of it. Will take a week or so.

Another concern has arisen, however. While giving the bike a quick look over, he noticed some markings on the frame which concerned him. Said he thought it might be crack but couldn't be sure. It could just be paint coming off. Its an Alu frame by the way. I asked where and he said just below the bottle cage. On occasion I transport the bike on the car using a Thule 591, which obviously holds the bike in place in that position. Is that really likely to cause a crack, or is likely to be just cosmetic damage?

LBS guy suggested he scrapped some of the paint away to have a closer look. Good idea?

Not a good week :sad:


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Guess if the only reasonable way to find out is to scrape the paint away, then its probably worth doing. Can't see a crack in the frame is ever something worth putting up with or dismissing.
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