Credit Card Problems?

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Just got my CC statement and C+ members will guess what I'm about to say.

Transaction at Wiggle on one day, next day Fraudulent transaction on the card.!
Not making any connection :tongue: but this is the 3 time it has happened in that order and when I called the CC company they, without question removed the transaction.

I'll only be using pay pal at Wiggle in the future as despite these possible problems I think their service is good.

Steve Austin

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I thought all this had stopped!

Paypal seems to be the only safe way


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It's weird that it keeps happening to their website. I have my card details stored with a few other well know sites and have never had a problem. On Wiggle, I have now left my old debit card details on the system and only use PayPal.

Cheers for the warning.


I recently had somebody buy a flight in Ho Chi Minh City for £43 and somebody in Canada buy something from I-tunes for £5.73 on my card.

I got the money back no problem but why didn't they clean me out?


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Deal, Kent
I think it's the thought that if they use it a couple of times for small transactions you won't notice it and won't complain and there for get away with it :tongue:


Makes sense but they could have been watching tour highlights on two 86" wide screen tellys now.


When my card got done last year (under similar circumstances) there were two phone top ups, I suppose to test the card, followed by two coach tickets from Liverpool to London, two tickets to see Chelsea and a TV from Tesco.

All in all about £800. We got it all back but it makes the heart skip a beat.


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We had this recently. Online transaction (not wiggle), no apparent problems, then the wife saw a £300 sale to an online perfume company.
'What have you brought me :smile: '

errrrr, nuffink.... :tongue:

Luckily, she noticed almost as soon as the transaction was made, phoned the perfume co and got them to cancel the shipment and they happily refunded the money to our account.
Unusually, we knew EXACTLY where the fraud had originated because of one unusual piece of information on the original sale.
Then the surprising bits come....

Contact the bank, we have been defrauded. They open an investigation, then....nothing.
We contacted them and asked what was happening....'we cant tell protection'.

:?: but that my account that was money,

You got your money back sir....

Oh, that makes it ok then :biggrin:

Jeeeesus, they arent interested, you can tell...

I told them next time, i'll let it go through, then claim it back from the bank. Then they'll sit up and be interested.


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Mobile phone top ups are common early transactions to check the card "works".

I have now taken out a second credit card with a low credit limit for use on Internet transactions. Will not prevent fraud but will mean that the card will hit the buffers fairly quickly if the details do get hacked.


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i have just had the first direct fraud team on the phone, £70 of transactions verified since friday, phone top ups and train tickets. refund on the way. £1000+ declined from travelex and moneybookers (luckily for me).
purchase on thursday at wiggle.
i'll let the bank investigate.
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