Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré...


Toll Collector on the Road to Nowhere
Contador says he's not looking for the win... yeah, right!


Good result for Geraint Thomas.

Bertie again surprises us. Obviously he's preparaing well for the tdf. :evil:

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Another good effort by Geraint Thomas to get pipped in the sprint but 3rd on the day and 4th overall.
He went a bit too early.
Bertie still in yellow.


Mexico City
...and the bird in the Footlocker ads really doesn't know her trainers. Every one her fella asks to be spanked with is different to the one she uses.

I really should concentrate on the racing a bit more...

rich p

ridiculous old lush
dragon72 said:
Carlton Kirby was struggling bigtime with that throat tickle! I thought he was going to cough up a lung at the finish.

We can only hope it proves terminal:evil:

I wish he'd let MB get a word in!


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GregCollins said:
1.4km before the finish and my poxy Sky+ box says 'End of recorded programme'


Apologies if you know this already - but you can adjust the recording settings (I think) for upto 30 mins before and after a scheduled recording

I used to have my Sky+ set to Automatic (at both ends) assuming that the Programme Delivery Control fairies would adjust it accordingly

Cue lots of snooker and tennis and half the cycling I wanted to see

Last night - I just mangaed to see the GC board on screen before E o R - reason Powercut! :laugh:

{I notice sky are advertising a new 1TB box for new subscribers (for + £250) - should put a stop to running out of space for recordings - I wonder if they are going to offer the upgrade to existing subscribers - our 3 year old box is getting worse - crashes, spurious power-cuts and failed to record}


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After being caught out many times in the past, I now set my machine to record from 30 mins before the scheduled start to 150 mins after the scheduled end of coverage - that usually suffices! :ohmy:
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