Crossing over a road wheel to a MTB for the turbo?


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Evening all, the Mrs has a Cube 10 speed MTB (with discs), she never got to use as she fell pregnant quickly after we bought it. She now wants to try and use it on the TT to get her comfidence bacm. I usually put an old spesh on the TT, but noticed it is also 10 speed (rim brakes).

I have put the spesh wheel on the Cube and put it onto the TT for her...but it looked a little dubious, albeit holding.

Is it the case that I will just have to bite the bullet and get a spare rear wheel with turbo tyre on for hee bike (or have to keep adjusting my TT set up for her?)


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I put a rim brake turbo wheel on my disc road bike when I want to use it on the turbo. It works fine. As long as the dropouts aren't complaining and the clearances work on the mtb it'll be fine. Just remind her you don't use brakes on the turbo.


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Is it a road Specialized wheel? I would check the drop out widths of the two and check carefully, you may need to add a spacer or two.

If the Cube has hydraulic brakes I would suggest putting something between the brake pads, just in case she pumps the brakes and blows the pistons out.
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