CTC York event. Potential road bike bargains?


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Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but it's kind of a beginner's question. :smile:

The CTC have got their annual event on at York (I think its this coming weekend off the top of my head), and I was wondering if it may be a place to pick up a potential road bike bargain?

Has anyone done this before? I gather there will be a number of trade stands, so I assume various retailers will see it as an opportunity to flog a few bikes before the new bike year comes in.

Or will the prices be the same, in the hope that they can shift a few bikes to an enthused crowd?

Can anyone advise?

Ta! :becool:


Been to a couple of non-CTC shows and I didn't notice the bikes at a reduced price.
If you walk around where bikes are locked up at the show (pretty much everywhere), you'll see that some are for sale, with a mobile number posted. You might pick up a bargain that way, if you're not after brand new.
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