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Ring Ring - how boring is that!!??


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Iv got yodas voice saying"mmm message from the dark side there is"for general numbers,also done in an alarm sound"Warning its the wife"for my er wife,and peter kays voice saying"Its spitting,everybody in its spitting"for my son.
One of the ones that came with my £20 the phone. I had the magnum theme tune (MP3) on my old phone. It worked well to embarrass my colleagues in my current job :biggrin:. Old colleagues got that it was tongue in cheek and loved/hated it at the same time.


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I got this manic childs laughter....dont know what its called, but it just brightens everyones face who hears it.
Steptoe Theme linked to the Office, else a few of the standard tones supplied with the phone.

I did have 'you are everything' (Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye) linked to SWMBO but then realised that she'd never hear it anyway. So now I just have a French Parisian Police Car Siren that tells me when to jump!
ring tone is pheonix nights that i extracted from a dvd,and peter kay "it's spitting" for a message tone.
did have ace ventura screaming "alrighty then" as message tone but it went off on a bus and to put it cleanly it made some people jump.:biggrin:xx(
would change them for something more grown up but i can't be bothered.
did have fawlty towers as ring tone and played it when the manager came on the coach to welcome us to the hotel a couple of months ago(we knew him!) but it doesn't seem so funny now that the hotel has burnt down .:biggrin:


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Being a touch sad I switch from 'Are 'Friends' Electric' and the choral opening of Inside by Stilkskin - both work very very well as ringtones and obviously they make me the coolest 40 year old dad in the school playground when picking up the kids! :biggrin:
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