Cyclaire pumps

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I've got the 120psi version. It works well and inflates my tyres quickly and easily, I'm quite impressed. It's not quite as small and light as I'd hoped, but I feel too guilty carrying CO2 inflators so I'm happy to take the compromise. Of course it's not as good as my track pump, but it's probably not far different to the Truflo HPX I had before.

The valve connector on my pump kept exploding, but Cyclaire customer service was really good, and sorted me with a new one asap, which is working fine. It's good, I'm happy. The true test of customer service is of course seeing how they handle it when something goes wrong, and Cyclaire get 12/10 for that.


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I don't have one, but I've heard nothing but good about them - enough to be thinking of getting one if my current pump ever wears out....


Best bit of kit I've bought in a long time. Folds away into a nice little pouch which can be strapped to the cross bar at either stem or seat post ends so it don't take up space in a small saddle bag. Pouch also has room for a spare tube or puncture kit as well.

Very happy with mine xx(


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I LOVE mine!! Being a bit of a girl, I don't have much upper body strength and so (shamefully) have never managed to pump my tyres myself. However I invested in a cyclaire and happened to get a puncture BY MYSELF on its first outing...and the cyclaire was brilliant!!! One inflated tyre of my own.

I didn't manage to get PARTICULARLY high pressure but think that was my failure, not the gagdets. It got me home safely to my track pump.

MASSIVE fan. It also caused quite a stir amongst the men sat there watching me mend my puncture!


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Unfortunately I have no bowels, but apart from that I'm all boy. Despite this I really rate the cyclaire. Be aware that there are 3 models: the standard (original one) pumps to 120psi, the Rapid is meant for MTB tyres, and pumps to 80psi, but more rapidly; and the Plus, which does 120psi but more rapidly than the original. The latter would be my choice, though it wasn't available when I got mine. Yes it is rather noisy and I don't use it in my flat when the neighbours are in, but out on the road it is totally reliable in achieving the 110psi I use.
I bought one for my wife as she has arthritic hands and finds a "normal" pump difficult.

It has been superb, but someone had to find the downside......................

It's too the "cord" - its too short!

I am 6'2" and find that the position I have to bend to in order to operate it. That is just a personal thing though, and not a criticism per se.
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