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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Beebo, 12 Apr 2019.

  1. FishFright

    FishFright More wheels than sense

    I love it
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  2. Grant Fondo

    Grant Fondo 'Real Life, and Postcard Views, Europe Endless'

    I heard 'Loose Women' was like a scarier version of GOT. Must check it out some time.
    I am literally soiling my undergarments with excitement at Series 8 getting underway shortly. Oh and well done USA for the TV slot timings...great stuff!
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  3. Cletus Van Damme

    Cletus Van Damme Previously known as Cheesney Hawks

    I've watched all of Game Of Thrones. It's ok, but nowhere near as good as the hype. Like most tv series it has got progressively worse as its went on. Not to complete drivel like The Walking Dead, but a bit dull. The woman with the dragons is a complete snore-fest. ..
  4. pawl

    pawl Veteran

    I always thought it was one of games you played with one of those hand held things.
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  5. winjim

    winjim A youth of interminable age

    Walking Dead descended from greatest thing on telly to mediocre shite. It's picked up a bit last couple of seasons but nothing like as good as it was.

    I've been up nights with the baby the last few weeks so I've been rewatching Peep Show. I missed the last couple of seasons first time around. They're really quite bad aren't they?
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  6. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds
    I must confess to a terrible sin.Mrs P is away at an arty crafty weekend,she is due back today.So i am having lunch out as a treat.Well i was awake at 0h silly seven o'clock.It was sunny and blue sky.Yes i said tootle to Otley and lunch.So brekkie then shave then shower.On with the cycle clothing taking with me a windproof jacket to go over my Endura winter top.Bike out then i looked towards the sky to my right rolling clouds of different shades of grey,going left,yes you have guessed it going to Otley.So give it fifteen mins see if it clears.No it did not,so i put the bike away and got changed.It then improved,so i went for a walk one hour and thirty mins or so a stop off at a coffee shop.Then another walk twenty mins and found a cafe in Meanwood and had a full English breakfast,then walked home.Got the exercise in,but sadly not on the bike.This could be the first time i got the bike out then put it away.Shameful.
  7. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

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  8. Julia9054

    Julia9054 Veteran

    Never seen Game of Thrones. Think I'd probably like it but there's too much of it to start now.

    I like watching Eastenders even though I am fully aware that it is utter tripe (runs and hides!)
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  9. Vantage

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    I watched a couple seasons of GoT.
    The first few I liked but with all the twists and turns I couldn't follow it anymore and gave up.
    The only reason I paid for a TV licence the last couple years was for Top Gear. I loved it!
    No aerial or sky or cable anymore but once in a blue moon, Netflix has a good movie.
  10. Llankey43

    Llankey43 Active Member

    Hang you head in shame. You should be banned from posting for a week!!!!!
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  11. Paulus

    Paulus Started young, and still going.

    A bit harsh, maybe a few days:whistle:
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  12. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Game of what ?
  13. Thrones... No, not 'scones'... THRONES... Oh, never mind; just drink your coffee...
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  14. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds

    That is brilliant,brought a big smile to my face.Humour on here is superb.
  15. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    I'd rather have a scone any time
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