Cycle club in Colchester?


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I'm very much a rookie in the world of road based cycling, however, I'm sort of getting the bug and I am seriously considering joining a local cycling club. I don't think my legs or lungs are quite up to the 50 mile level yet and I would hate to be a 'slacker' and hold anybody back.
What I need to know is, are there different abilities within any given club or is it a case of keep up or go home?


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Hello Benthedoon, you have a very well known and long established club in Colchester, the Colchester wheelers, they should put you on the right track. Failing that, my old club the Maldon and district cc just up the road from you. They certainly cater for all types and ability of cyclist.


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Any contact details for the clubs mentioned? I've tried a google for the wheelers and no joy.

I too am in the same position as OP, been out two or three times a week since mid April when I got my nw road biker, did 40 miles Friday and 45 today, which I'm really happy with.

L2B in a few weeks which I'm looking forward to as well, but need something to spur me on once that is done, a club might be just the thing and being Colchester born and breed these seem ideal.

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