Cycle commuting is on the increase... least it is in Glasgow!

I've been cycle commuting since July 2005 and in those days I would hardly ever see another cyclist, even in the good weather. Oh how things have changed. The cycling shed at work is full (I keep mine in the office) and there are numerous bikes padlocked to railings. On my commute I see plenty of cyclists, some going in the same direction, plenty in other directions. Some on racing bikes, some on folders, some on MTBs, some on sit up and begs. Most on the roads, some on the pavements :biggrin:, none gong faster than me....:whistle::biggrin:

Its brilliant! The more there are the better. Long may it continue!! :biggrin:


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I see cyclists...:whistle:


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It's still pretty rare to pass a cyclist on my commute. I travel for 25 minutes and usually see just two or three in either direction (I'm not counting the kids that I see when I pass a school at chucking out time..... but even there the count is very low). I suspect there'll be more when things warm up :whistle:


I think cycle commuting is viewed differently now than it was previously.

In the past if you cycled you were either a) an eco-hippy or :whistle: a low earner who couldn't afford 'proper' transportation.

Now common sense seems to be prevailing and people see the benefits of cycling. Also, I think there is a certain kudos to cycling, born out of the London/New York messenger scene.

The tax breaks offered via the CycleScheme must also be a driver.


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I see loads and more every summer since I started.

I'm seeing a lot of Dutch bikes this year. I know it's trendy but I hope this trend sticks as I think it opens up cycling to people who don't see themselves on a sports-styled bike.

I like Dutch bikes - like an armchair with pedals.


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No obvious increase here, still the same regulars with the odd summer cyclist


I've seen a fair few more on my commute from Glasgow to East Kilbride.

Difficult to tell numbers but my perception is numbers are up.

Good on em as its a hilly commute and the guys I see are on the busy roads. Bit between the two towns has long sections of busy dual carriageways used like moterways. I've sussed out alternatives but they are harder going.

Maybe we will reach critical mass outside of London... :wacko:

No change at my work bike shed though. :ohmy: 1 to 3 bikes max. 95% of the year - 1 - mine. I'm trying to encourage my colleagues, some of whom are pavement cyclists only but cannot be persuaded to go on the scary dangerous roads. I'll keep trying though. I've suggested that instead of cycle to work we get a small fleet of those cheap road runner bikes to encourage occasional use for those lunch/shopping/gym/train/bus trips people make. We shall see...
Bike rack full here as we...but as it only holds just over six bikes it's an effing joke...Wait till the winter there will be two bikes.:cheers:


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The rack was pretty full today (16 bikes). Quite a few new ones appeared in the last couple weeks. Nice to see some commuters on my commute after the absence over winter. Cyclescheme just opened at work so I expect to see a few more

Back in January it was me and the poor rusting Dawes Haarlem that's been parked there for years (locked up not being used)
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