Cycle indicator lights


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Ok this is why I'll never be an entrepreneur. In the car rth eothe rnight this cyclist in front stuck out his black glove clad hand to turn right. It was bloody hard to see his arm and it occurred to me that all he had to do was wear an orange falshing light on his glove. I spent the night designing one in my head, complete with clever patented on/off switching technology...great I thought...I'm going to get rich and save lives...might even get an OBE for that one....then I found this on Google:


Oh well...:sad:

They look dam useful though...what say you?


Better to just use some gloves with a high vis strip on them ;)


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Waste of time, it has been tried before, nobody uses them because drivers just don't take any notice...


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Has any one any thoughts/opinions on the Respro reflective stickers, mainly the ones that are stated as being suitable for sticking to clothing?

I fancy blinging up my infra-black gloves for the very purpose of making me more visible when indicating....or flicking the V's :becool:
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