Cycle lanes increase vehicle congestion?


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I always thought cars, buses, vans, trucks caused congestion…without them, there wouldn’t be any :wacko:


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If you’re going to blame bike lanes, might as well blame bus lanes. Buses can certainly cause congestion in central London, lots in a queue and certainly not full, and busy suburbs. Recently I’ve seen a couple cause havoc by messing up left hand turns…one got tangled up in a traffic light!


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And how many of the cars 'stuck in traffic' will have one person in them.
The majority, I would guess..


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Its putting blame on something that isn't deserved. We all know the cause of congestion. Its cars.
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traffic in london has always been slower than a bike, in cycling plus last month article stating the total length of cycle lanes is miniscule compared to the total road network so as usual an ill reseached click bait piece from someone with an agenda.
'That is just 1% down on pre-coronavirus pandemic levels'

So congestion was actually reduced..
On top of which some (i.e. an unknown number but > 0) people will be using cars that might otherwise use trains and busses - because of the pandemic
Which - using impeccable logic (and no facts) means that there are more cars but still less congestion

Right - that's that sorted - which thread is next????
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