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I use and love the Commuter III from Keen

However they were out of production until demand from users brought them back into the catalogue

Still available from some sources, depending on size, but will not really come back out until Spring


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I cycle in non cleated sandals a lot once it warms up a touch. My only suggestion would be to go for ones with a proper toe box, like on the Keen ones Cunobelin shows. Purely for the 'what if' you have an off or catch your foot in open toed Shimano type sandals.
No offence intended.
Just thinking about the socks and sandals aversion many people seem to have :smile:
How to spot a Pom :smile:

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I am looking for a pair of clip in cycle sandals which I can also comfortably walk in. Has anyone got any suggestions.
One man's comfort is another man's pain. See what style fits and what feels comfortable but by all means don't be put off by naysayers. Touring, commuting or just messing around with cleated sandals is fantastic. They're comfortable, fantastic in the wet because of instant drainage (shoes fill up with water and make squelchy sounds with each pedal stroke) and can be taken on tour as your only pair of shoes that you can wear for cycling, shopping, walking around attractions, in restaurants, even dancing.

My Exxus had hard rubber soles which I didn't like but my current Lake sandals have nice soles with Vibram hard-wearing, non-slip rubber that keeps the cleat off smooth floors, so you don't get chased out of tourist places that usually ban cleats on sight.

Who cares about the German tourist look if you pair them with socks? Chicks go gaga for Germans, I'm told. With the appropriate coloured socks most people don't even notice that they're sandals. I make a statement and wear mine with neon green socks. I agree with Shouldbeinbed about the proper closed toe box. My first pair was Exxus (SP) and I once had a little toe-nail incident with a piece of stiff straw.

I've tried them in the wet with Sealskinz waterproof socks but that was a disaster. The socks filled with water which wicked down from my legs and became like balloons, almost like the water was pumped in. Ordinary socks still give you some warmth but drain continuously.
I love Keen sandals and have a standard pair, I didn't even know they made an SPD one. I'll look out for when it comes back onto the market. Keens have the right toe box and work for my feet shape.

The only thing I don't like about the Lake sandal is that the outer sole is flat and glued onto the compressible substrate. At the back seam between sole and soft rubber, my panniers sometimes touch and after many miles the sole is pulling away from the softer rubber. Glue can fix that but I feel that the overhang design could be better to avoid contact in tight spaces. The Keens design won't suffer from that.
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