cycle to work for part time employment


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How much do you need to be working to benefit from the cycle to work scheme.

Read as....can I use the cycle to work scheme when I get a part time job this summer + at uni?


User76 said:
You make the salary sacrifice over the year...
Not necessarily, as you make the payments over the time period proscribed in the particular scheme you join. The scheme I set up allowed anything from 1 to 18 months.

User76 said:
Unless you can convince them to keep paying all year.
I think this bit is wrong. Firstly, you'd have no salary to sacrifice and secondly, you wouldn't be paying tax (or NI) to get any benefit from the sacrifice that you couldn't make anyway.

The first, and possibly biggest, difficulty which Montage will face, IMO, is that the employers need to have a Cycle To Work scheme set up, which is possibly unlikely in most holiday employers (farms, shops, etc).

The next difficulty is that the sacrifice cannot take you below the minimum wage, which could be an issue as many seasonal jobs pay pretty close to minimum wage anyway. If you are trying to pay off, say, £500 over 3 months working 20 hours a week, that's going to be a reduction of £1.50 an hour.
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