Cycle training to be rolled out in Irish schools from 2016


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Why not here though?
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Cycling safety training for children in schools across Ireland is to be rolled out “early” next year, the minister for transport Paschal Donohoe said this week.

The measure is part of the [URL='']National Cycling Policy
, which also promises to make such training based on a national standard open to adults.

In a written reply to a parliamentary question, minister Donohoe said: “The RSA (Road Safety Authority) is currently involved in producing a National Cycling Standard, in conjunction with Cycling Ireland and my Department, with input from a number of other stakeholders. The Standard will focus on ensuring an introductory level of road safety training on bicycles to school children, and preparing them for cycling on the public roads. The project is targeted for implementation across all schools nationally in early 2016.”

The Department of Transport, Sport and Tourism last year appointed Ireland’s cycling sporting body to set up and administer a safety standard for all cycling on public roads. As we reported last September, the department of transport defended blurring the official lines between cycling as sport and a mode of transport.

It is understood that the standard being developed is similar to but not directly based on the UK’s Bikeability programme for schools and adults, mainly on cost grounds. The Irish standard is instead to be built on the Dublin City Council Bike Start Programme which was launched in 2009.

The minister also said that other measures are to be introduced by the Road Safety Authority sooner than next year.


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That's not a terrible idea and is probably needed but the way Ireland is run I'd be worried about where this could end up going. Plenty of anti cycling sentiment types here the last few years who are determined to make cyclists pay up in cash and training and registration etc as well as pushing responsibility for safety onto cyclists shoulders rather than motorists most suggestions having little or nothing to do with safety.


What about kids who can't ride bikes, or don't own one? What provisions are they making?


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Most likely none, but I don't know for certain. I doubt they'll teach kids who can't ride how to do so I'd also doubt that they'll provide bikes the parents will be charged with getting the child's bike to school I'd imagine. They might provide the odd bike but I'd be shocked if there were several bikes provided to each school for training purposes.
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