Cycle value: Pinarello Paris 50.1.5 in the standard carbon charcoal colour

Hi everyone I'm a new comer to this forum so please bare with me ,
I currently own a Pinarello Paris 5015 in the standard carbon charcoal colour with I inherited from from father who sadly past away 2 years ago but I would like to upgrade to a newer bike , but have no idea of its current value and what would be a fair price to ask for it , it's been very well looked after and no damage what so ever could somebody help with some guidance many thanks , Mad sparky


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next is one guide to using ebay or similar second-hand sales sites for valuing a bike. Shops that specialise in secondhand bikes may be willing to give an estimate, but of course they'll be hoping that you sell it through them for a fee and I suspect they may be a bit low for something special unless they have an online shop.
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