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Tulleys Farm, West Sussex. North West of Turner's Hill

Nice tea room. Good place to stop off on a London-Brighton run. Has a petting zoo if you want to pet some animals.

I can't remember what the bike parking is like to be honest. If on my own I always find a place to lock up, and when with a group we've had someone watch the bikes.

They close at 5. I remember this because I managed to get in at 4:59 and 59 seconds and just managed to get revitalising hot drink one very cold day.

Has toilets.
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No idea of the cafe name but theres a little industrial estate outside the village of Kings Cliffe, on the Wansford road. Theres a portakabin cafe in there, tea, cake, drinks, full fresh breakfast, I assume lunches as well...I always used to stop in there to fuel up for a long ride.
Not a cafe that's aimed at cyclists as such but good value, fresh cooked food, friendly, no fuss cafe.


Perhaps This One.....
Destination Bike, Box Hill. If you like Box Hill, then decent coffee and cake (and a bike shop) at the top, well priced and bike friendly. Great in the week, though I reckon it's probably chaos at weekends.
(old) New Inn
(between Sherburn-in-Elmet & Ledsham)

Primarily, especially in its previous location a bikers café, it's good basic stuff
Some good cakes at times - other times 'prepackaged'
Generally plenty of machinery to look at, whether you like Brit bikes, Japanese, Italian, or Harley-Fergusons

How busy it gets depends on weather, I've been there mid-week, in the rain, & there's been me & the serving staff
Other times, I'd estimate 500 motorbikes!

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Two York cafes with bike shops attached, plus a few more. Although not advertised on the website there is a nice cafe attached to the shop. Handy for the Solar bike path, and excellent to sit by the river on a nice day, not cheap. Very popular with cyclists frequented by some local cycling legends. Not used this one myself as its close to home, but when I have passed there is always a bike or two there. Next to a small airfield.
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The Old House, Warren Row, RG10 8QS Reading, United Kingdom

This place is situated in the center of an imaginary square with Maidenhead, Henley on Thames, Marlow and Twyford in each corner.

Absolutely ideallic and in the middle nowhere and accessed via perfect country lanes.
Not good news, seems like there is a petty planning squabble going on. I hope common sense prevails.
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