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I bought it and am still unsure about it. It works most of the time but does have issues with losing signal. Pockets are a no-no. If im honest, I havent found anywhere to mount it so it hasnt been used for a while now :biggrin:

Not bad for a couple of quid though. It has got a lot of features when it does work!


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I started with iMapMyRide but it's too clunky and needed a subscription to get any benefits. And probably a bit over the top for my basic commuting needs.

Bloke in work recommended Cyclemeter and at £2.99 it's good value. It does all the basics you'd expect; ride time, distance, speed, average speed, fastest speed. I also wanted it to record the mileage on different bikes so I added an Activity for each of my bikes. You can view days/months/years from the Calendar. Not used the Twitter features so cannot comment on the usefulness of being able to listen to tweets whilst you ride.

Tip: after pressing Start press the iPhone off button to lock the screen, that way you won't end up the a 1 second commute like I did :biggrin:

I have a rucksack that you can put an mp3 player in the top. that's where I keep it. My friend keeps it in his jersey pocket.


Yes I've got it too cots pretty good, used it for long hikes in lake district too. I keep my phone in pocket and get no problems, or in back top pockets on cycle wear.

Only problems I've had is signal loss now and again, it's not 100% accurate. Times are, but I think altitude is iffy as are the calories burnt. But it keepsa great record of your daily rides or long weekend tours. I used it daily, till bike went AWOL. Get it, it's good


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I use RunKeeper Free on my iPhone, only feel the feature from the Pro version I would want is the 15 second countdown after pressing start.

It has an Android version too (not seen or used it so wouldn't know how it compares).


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I use iMapMyRide free app, supposedly the main difference between the free and paid app is the voice updates.........however I've got these on my free app....hohum.


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Just used cyclmeter to track my LeJog, as I was worried about battery life I powered the phone using a mini Gorilla. Used the auto update feature so people could follow my progress on twitter and facebook. Phone was attached to my bike using the dahoon iPhone mount. Not as featured as my 705 but good for just tracking where you've been.


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Does anyone know of any similar apps for Android?
I'm sure after all this time you will have had a reply, but just in case.... I tried iMapmyride on my Android and dispite various instructions could not log in.
A colleague recommended Endmondo and I downloaded it last night with no problems at all. And it was free. I logged my first bike ride today. It works!! Yipee!!
Good Luck.


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I've been using Sportypal for a long time now and it has always worked well, this is on Android. The free version does pretty much everything you will need, if you want to link a hrm then you need the $4 extra.

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