Cycling as a spiritual and psychologically uplifting experience


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When I'm not at work I tend to spend too much time in my flat on my own. I have friends but seem to choose to often spend time on my own. When I'm on my bike I feel like a different person, I feel almost like it's a place that's very comfortable, more comfortable than most places I feel in life. I don't feel very vulnerable, I don't feel I stand out, I enjoy it. I don't feel like I'm over exerting myself, infact it's a pleasure to ride hard although not to an extreme.

Does anyone else feel like this? I still haven't started touring yet but I imagine it may focus these feelings somewhat, maybe even making me feel I could survive with a bike and a tent, with no need for a home.


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Yes, I agree (apart from the vurnerable bit), I particularly like rides at night. I also find it quite liberating that one could get polished off at any second when on the bike, that's not wishing for that of course but just the realisation of it hurtling along with very little else around you other than air, the closest you'll get to equilibrium in motion bar going into space. The lack of feeling of structure everywhere, constantly grinding on in your mind. I think night time and that sort of smell in summer between about 10pm and midnight adds something too.
After my off at the start of the year, I do miss the sense of enjoyment of cycling. Practically, as it's my main form of commuting and I'm still building up days of doing it each week, I need to rebuild my confidence and I'm hoping the fun will return too as I do. My leisure commuting has taken a real dive though - would be nice to feel like getting on my bike at the weekends.


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Not me friend. I just like getting on my old steel frame fixie and scalping young lawyers on costly carbon who think they're sump'n special till they find themselves sucking my slipstream.  "spiritual and psychologically uplifting"? No mate, it's WAR!  :tongue:


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Generally I find the highs come from recreational cycling, including extended commutes home, with their absence of goals and deadlines. Like marinyork I get much exhilaration from the thrill of the night ride. on or off-road. Atop the downs (North or South) at 3:00am, you roll to a stop, and kill your lights, and just wonder at it all.

My preference for the solitude of the solo tour or long day ride, accountable to no one and responsible only for myself, and, crucially, able to take whatever road or bridleway I choose, is matched these days, by what I call "riding alone in a group" of which my participation in FNRttC is an exemplar. On these you can simply disappear into your own bubble of darkenss following the road and the led in front of you. Your engagement with the world you travel through is restricted by the power of your lights, beyond their reach who knows what lies, and other senses seem to become hightened as a result. Henfold Lane in Newdigate is a wonderful almost awe inspiring place if you ride it at 03:00. By day it is a rather mundane country lane.


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Cycling is about the only thing that keeps me sane

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Cycling is about the only thing that keeps me sane

I hate to be the one to break the bad news mate......


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I have to agree with both marinyork and fnaar.

I don't know what it is, but theres something about being on a bike that I've never found anywhere else.


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There is something poetically spiritual and even sacred about moving on a bike..the paths ..the seasons... the indescribable smells and egronomics... the reversion to childhood explorations...the nostalgia of repitition and joys of new finds.
The syncopated rhythm of dancing on the pedals with rockabilly on the MP3 or the contemplative intensity of drifting through the landscape with Debussy ..
Feeling strong and invincible then weak and tired... the aching relief of a hot bath afterwards....the smell of the chipppies and indians as you pass.... the warm feeling of a young one calling excitedly from the child seat.


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Saved me from going mad .During my divorce i rode out after my night shift till 10-00 am then came back to sleep.Until it was time again to work .

Had the feeling more than once of me,the bike and the road were all one .

The bike the outdoors the cycling fraternity are great .
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