England : London Cycling Club in/near Leyton?

James D

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Hi All,

I'm currently living in Leyton (East London) and am looking for a cycling club in the area. Does anyone belong to or could recommend one to me? I'm not into racing but do regular 100k+ rides and this summer have done a couple of sportives.

Thanks in advance


The lea valley cc meet in highams park
Redbridge cc unfortunately meet in Epping
Crest aren't too far away

Can't comment on any of them as I'm not a member, but I've been looking lately

All of them have a website

Big T

My son lives just up the road in Leytonstone and he rides out with the CC Hackney. Eagle Road Club aren't that far away either in South Woodford, I beleive. Or get yourself up to Hog Hill and have a word with some of the club people up there.


What’s the point
go up to hog hill as BigT says. lots of clubs go there. you might have to wait till after the lympics tho as i beleive its closed to the public for the duration


Where are Crest CC now? I was a member in the late 70's and the early 90's.Unfortunately shift work put paid to that.Used to meet near Martins Mart bike shop in the 70's and Redbridge in the 90's.

Ooops old thread.Sorry.
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