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Glow worm said:
Ours are pretty good- plenty of cycle racks although they's a bit crap/ wobbly and scratch my lovely bike's paintwork. Decent lockers. Two showers for fellas (and I assume 2 for the girls though I haven't yet ventured in there to find out). I've discovered there's one bloke though who never cleans/rinses the shower after he's been in there so I try to get in before the lazy sod (the cubicle looks like he's been wrestling with a balding gorilla).
nip down B&Q or plumbers place and get some foam or thick foam tape to just wind round the rack. it's dead cheap and will stop your bike from getting scratched.

put a big notice in the shower room along the lines of "please rinse shower tray after use and leave the facility in the condition you would expect to find it"


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Facilities where I work are pretty good. Showers, bike shed and lockers. Our Health and Safety Manager has just got some cash off the local PCT to improve cycling facilities (just shy of £1k I think). She is going to spruce up the bike shed and get some Sheffield stands installed. I have also agreed with her to spend some of the cash on providing a track pump and tools in case anyone has a mechanical on the way to work.


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Covered Sheffield stands- I think these are pretty good, the site is pretty secure since there is only one entrance for vehicles and pedestrians and non-employees need to sign in at security (although that's not to protect bikes- it's to stop people driving vans on site and stealing ingots of various metals stored onsite)

No showers or changing rooms, disabled toilet with basin works for me.


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Covered stand with a locked door and staff keys. Showers and changing rooms. I use my own store for the bike tho, next to my office and change in there too unless I'm really sweaty! Our new departmental building also has staff showers but I've not seen them as yet.


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Job 1.

A covered bike shed, currently wheel benders, Sheffields on order. No shower, but with a 1.5miles commute, it's not needed. Anyway, I work with rubbish, so there's a much wider range of aromas to be gained at work. We have a cupboard in the office for our stuff. It's all any of us need.

Job 2.

A couple of covered racks, about 8 Sheffields in all. Individual small offices, no locker in mine, but I don't need it. There is a shower room/disabled toilet near our office (there may be others, I've never explored), which is actually bigger than my bathroom at home. But I've never used it - only 3 miles each way for that one.

I'm very much in the 'normal clothes and take it easy' school of commuting, so showers are pretty low on my wishlist anyway.


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The last place I worked at (a hospital) had individual enclosed cycle lockers, and portakabins with 2 showers and a changing area (with clothing lockers) in each. There are companies that make the kabins. They worked really well.
Sadly they turned proper manky. Not used them for nearly a year now.

Also people kept turning off the fan heater, Now it's not the warmest of places so in winter at 7.30am it was literally an ice block. Plus if it rained you have nowhere to dry your clothes cause if you leave them in your locker it's not warm enough to dry them even after 8 hours.

They do have locked enclosed Bike Sheds and Bike pods for the posh people (although they did a raffle when one pod became free)

Luckily I can keep my bike/s (There is one in there at the moment ! so there are 2 when I am at work) in the office under stairs cupboard to which for fire regs has to be locked at all times and I have the only other key. It's also big enough to hang clothes but I have 2 lockers in the office as someone over ordered so we have 8 lockers. I am the only person in the office to use them but I have a good reason. Clean clothes in 1 and clothes I commuted in in the other.
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