cycling family and impaitient driver

That was very poor driving! :biggrin:

Sure, it was at relatively slow speed, but the sheer cheek of the driver, who was fully aware of the cyclist and his family, to try and bully the cyclist out of the way.....the cyclist actually had to move to avoid being hit....:sad:

She probably thinks she is a good driver.....


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Sharp kick on the wing would have been my reply if someone threatened my family in such a way.Just getting my two eldest ( 6 & 4 yrs) to build up confidence without stabilizers on trails but i dread the thought of being on a road with idiots like that around !


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I would have kindly pointed out to the driver that damage would occur to the car in the event that they didn't move over.....nice pedal scrape up the door should suffice.


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Open window and handbag on the passenger seat? I wonder how intimidated she'd feel if she were picking the contents of that handbag out of the bus lane?:laugh:


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If I was out with my kids I would have taken the same defensive position as well. I think I would have either booted the car or smacked the wing mirror if that dizzy bint had tried that with me.

Truly poor driving skills


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I frequently have to take a defensive position cycling with my kids (well my youngest), and sometimes I worry about the confidence I seem to have given him on the road by doing that - maybe too much confidence.

Today I saw a car trying to turn right into a side road with an adult and child waiting to turn right. The car tried to go over the double lines between the pavement and the family group. The mum shouted at the car - luckily my son was already at school so didn't have to face the same idiot. I think the car driver seemed to be indicating that they should move out of her way!


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She would have lost her wing mirror if that were me out with my family and she pulled a stunt like that, then she would of got a load of verbal. Top piece of driving, Stupid prat. :laugh:


I'm not a fan of the militant attitude from what I have observed with helmet cams but that is the worse bit of driving I have seen for a while:angry:

However.....would I place my child in one of those on a busy road...


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Oh good,it's not just me who would have taken some defensive action when it comes to family,what goes through the clowns mind to attempt such a stupid act with kids around ???


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That's rather irresponsible driving there but I wouldn't be doing deliberate damage to the car. I'd probably go with a rather loud "BACK OFF!" would have been coming out of my mouth with an over the shoulder glare & maybe a tap on the wing with my fingers.
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