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    We sell a couple of brands of cycling glasses with optical inserts, the other week I was due some new shades so I took a pair of the BBB ones with three different colour lenses, I had the optical insert fitted with my new prescription and have been using them, nice and comfy with a good level of sun shade.

    In the past I have never bothered with yellow lenses so this evening I wanted to pop to the cashpoint on the way home, I was going to put the clear lenses on but decided to try the yellow ones instead, conditions were overcast and it was spitting with rain, all I can say is "holy cow batman!", the yellow lenses are amazing, I wish I wasn't so set in my ways or I would have been using them for years, everything was like a clear sunny day, the detail and clarity was superb!

    So if anyone is getting cycling shades I can really recommend getting them with interchangable yellow lenses.

    When I got home, I took them off and felt depressed, I was tempted to put them on again to walk around the house in. :biggrin:
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