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Given the nations new found fondness for all things bicyclular courtesy of Lord Brailsford and the knights and dames of Team GB we can expect the general population to treat us with kindness and respect. Why only yesterday, as I rode home, two young boys, packing up from a fishing trip, stopped, looked in awe at me as I big ringed past them, stood almost to attention and chanted "Olympics! Olympics!" in my honour.*

So will the Olympics/TdF wins bring about any change in attitude to cyclists?

*Needless to say my pleasure was short lived, over the next 30 minutes three knobbers in cars/vans attempted to kill or maim me and one has been reported to roadsafe and the other to his employers. This after witnessing, and to a degree participating, or even precipitating an RTA on the way to work. Such was my distress over this I slung the bike in the shed last night and got the train to work today. And now I'm really pissed off cos it is a really lovely day


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I should imagine it will last for...days!


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people like the idilic cyclists that bimble along whistling and drinking lemonade at the side of the river,they will never like the fuel driven race brigade in the Walter Mittys land of having to over take wiggo on every straight,
so will attitude to us change,nah :cycle:

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Unfortunately I very much doubt it.

There was an item on the local news last night talking about the "changing attitude" to cyclists. A video clip in the report showed a 4x4 overtaking two cyclists on a bend - so there was no change as far as I could see...


At the moment it's all smiles and admiration when i'm on the Defy and speeding along,occasional +ve comments.
Not the same reaction when i'm a commuter on the Triban and they see my panniers ..... Vying for road space


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Remember the euphoria surrounding the Ashes and how that was going to kick start everyone playing cricket? I still only know one chap who plays regularly. . . and he has been playing it for 30 years :smile:

I expect it will be much the same!


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If ''the new black'' implies that it's flavour of the day for fashion followers, then yes, cycling clearly is but this also means that new black seekers will find the next new black.

I would be prefer it, though, just for cycling to be more popular and, therefore, better understood. Mind you, I wish driving was better understood too...


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I find most people respect cyclists. There is a small idiot minority who don't and never will, whatever has happened at the olympics. They are the same people who see no issue with drink driving, texting while driving and having a fight on a Friday night.
I'm definitely seeing more cyclists. Shiny new bikes and kit, still using the wrong gear, with seats too low but plainly out there and doing it and it can only be good. I can't recall seeing so many cyclists about, ever.


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People loved cricket back when we wont the Ashes live on Channel 4 (those were the days!)

People loved Rugby back in (whenever we won the World Cup)

People jumped all over swimming after the last 'lympics

Passing fad I would think.


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There's definitely a lot more cyclists about now, but more cyclists probably also means more silly cyclists. Yesterday I was wondering if I was cycling in the wake of a maniac cyclist on the leisure paths round here, firstly two women bumping into eachother to get off the path when i rang my bell, then approaching a cycling family, slowed right down, rang my bell a good way back and they dived off the path and stopped, a few hundred metres further ahead I was specifically thanked for using my bell as I passed another couple who also got right off the path - Normally people either move to one side or just ignore me altogether but this time they almost seemed in a panic.

I'm sure once the weather gets cold people will quickly lose interest and forget about it.
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