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A thread to post up your cycling news, particularly local news which other 'chatters might not get to see.

Here's two stories that I spotted.

The first is a local councillor who came out as pro cycling and was doing very well...until she opened her mouth.

The second is an unusual robbery. Instead of simply pinching the lads bike and hot footing it away they instead dismantle it in front of the victim, distribute the parts among themselves, and then make their excuses and leave.

So, what's the cycling news up your end?
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Wow, Councillor Ashraf really came up with some new and thought-provoking ideas there.


Our local councils have just merged ( Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch)
They've introduced " Beryl Bikes", 50 originally, building up to 1000.
They look quite smart, unlocked by a phone app and monitored so they can reallocate between bays.
Hopefully it will catch on, and then I will be sitting on the Dock by the Bay watching the bikes roll away...


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Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) won stage four of the 2019 Tour de France in a tight sprint finish where lead out trains negotiated narrow and furniture-littered streets following a traditional breakaway chase for much of the stage.

The Italian proved himself to be the smartest and the fastest in the final metres, edging Alexander Kristoff (UAE Team Emirates) into second with Caleb Ewan (Lotto-Soudal) third.


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Amusingly, I got a phone call yesterday from Enterprise car hire trying to interest me in their new "car club" concept. You pay a £20 fee and get an app then the app tells you where the nearest club car is parked and unlocks it, just like Mobikes, which failed because the good folk of Manchestah stole, vandalised and threw most of the bikes in the canal. The approach was so amateurish that it took me half a minute to understand that it was Enterprise car hire and not some business enterprise survey being conducted. As the young employee explained the concept I felt more and more alarmed at the idea of arriving at a city railway station or airport then having to walk around trying to find a car, which might not start or might be damaged and not roadworthy, get it opened and running and undertake a journey. We've had several problems with Enterprise cars being unroadworthy so we've got a stack of business cards from the depot managers offering us half a tank of fuel for free in compensation, which are meaningless because in practice they are impossible to use.
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