Cycling Photo Challenge - Entries and Chat

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OK This is a little game which had a lot of success on another (car) forum that I used to be on.
Basically someone sets a challenge which is to take a picture of your bike next to a certain type of monument/landmark/building/interesting feature/anything curious really. The first person that validly fulfills the challenge gets to set the next one. It has to have your bike in the photo, and the person that set the challenge adjudicates whether it passes the challenge.

might not take off, but give it a go...

first one: my bike, next to an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE snail!


so the first challenge is to take a picture of your bike next to a similarly massive (or just oversized) animal.

and bonus points for identifying the location of the above snail.
Good work again bonj - a nice idea.


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I've seen that snail from the train south to my Mum's or sister's - so I guess it must be near the railway line in the Sheffield? area, but can't remember where exactly...
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